The skipper’s review of the 2000/03 season

Unfortunately the Panty Shield Match was rained off but of course the winter sports end-of-season party was held as planned. Thanks to everybody for making this a very successful season. 1XV 9 wins, 5 losses Mixed 2 wins, 1 loss Gents 10 wins, 4 losses, 1 tie. Highlighting the season was a complete sweep by the 1st XV and Gents vs. the Crusaders – 4 wins (including the MacFayden Cup). Wins against Keio, Kobe R&AC, All Kanagawa, Gaijin x2, and All France x2. We won the Plate in the Kowloon 10’s, and were runners up in the consolation final of the YC&AC 7’s. Rhino and the skipper even got their pictures in NZ Rugby News. (Thanks Rich).

This season we welcomed many new members to the team- Yoshi Amano, Charlie Baynes-Reid, Derick Begley, Tiffany, Nick Dreves, Jason Dunn, Rob Evans, Kev Gibson, Dai Godo, Chris Goddard, Robbie Grant, Blake Harrop, Nick Humphries, Kevin Imaizumi, Jiro Inoue, Masa, Milo, Will Martin, Chris McWilliam, Ian Miller, Kingdom, Masa Nozaki,Walter de Oude, Shaun Rigby, Kevin Rideout, Ben Ruddy, Adam Smoller, Ikuo Suzuki, and Hide Unozawa. (sorry if I missed anybody). Sadly we have to say some sayonaras as well- Charlie, Nick Dreves, Chris, Robbie, Sandy, Richard Corner, Meat, Ben Ruddy, Austin Sweeney, Renaud (this summer, Hosky (this summer), Ian (this summer), and Kingdom (this summer). You will all be sorely missed.

The rugby awards were:
The Little Blue Bag Award: In his debut season, Tiffany (aka Bollox) scored twice (tries that is) and only had to buy one necklace. The blue Tiffany bag, although too small to be used as a kit bag, will telegraph his moves and intentions to the gals and result in many more scores (hopefully outside of his office).

The Golden Boot: Award Rich “the Gimp” Freeman kicked the lights out this season, including 5 out of 6 conversions (3 from the sidelines) enroute to a 45-14 thrashing of the Crusaders in the MacFayden Cup). Rhino was a very worthy runner up and in Rich’s absence, chugged a beer out of my old rugby boot (spray painted gold).

The Golden Bagels for no tries in a season went to Sandy Rose, Doddy, and Mike King (who scored one against us). Near misses (1 try) were Wendy Benner, Garlo, Kevin Rideout, Chris Goddard, and Masa. You Can’t give a French guy a bagel, so Renaud “La Vache” Biscarrat gets le Goose Egg for no tries.

The Purple Heart: Arthur “Une Minute s’il vous plait”, famous for taking multiple injury minutes also limped off the field in three matches. The guards at the US naval base in Yokosuka denied Le Blue access for the first match of the season. As a result, France refused to join the coalition against Saddam. Arthur’s girlfriend reports that he is in France recovering from a successful knee operation. Get well soon!

Most Improved: Ian “the Aussie” Miller had his first taste of playing organized rugby this January. Ian has a tremendous amount of natural ability and encouraged by Rhino yelling “pass the f@cking ball” progressed rapidly. Ian was Man of the Match (in his first game) and scored 3 tries while playing for both the Gents and 1XV. Last Sunday, Ian saw and experienced his first seven a side rugby, playing in the YC&AC 7’s. Well done Ian!!

Fat Back: Perhaps one of the most coveted rugby awards, the Fat Back is the antithesis of what being a back is all about. Current players to have won the Fat Back are Garlo the Gut and Fraser “Huge Arse” Jamieson. This year’s winner, Rob “C Cup” Evans, continued bulking up as the season progressed. Hopefully the hormones will work their way through Rob’s system and he’ll dip below 100kg in time for next season.

Gents MVP: Occasionally, a remarkable athlete or performer is referred to by one name- Pele, Ichiro, Prince, and Rhino. The Vicar’s match report really says it all, “They say cometh the hour, cometh the man, and the man who has cometh more often than any YCAC player in history now took centre stage. Faster than an Israeli astronaut returning to earth, more determined than Frenchman retreating from battle, more assured of victory than an Aussie playing the Poms: Rhino, legend of Yamate, let lose his immeasurable creative talents on the rugby field and he single-handedly destroyed the hopes and dreams of those poor Cru boys with a hat-trick of tries and a conversion.” Rhino scored a remarkable 79 points this season!

First team MVP: This season the 1XV particularly benefited from the talents of two outstanding players. Yoshi Amano and Terry Brink are two players that greatly impact the outcome of a game and raise the level of all the other players around them. Yoshi was on the field for one loss (scoring 8 tries in 9 games), whereas Terry won every game that he played in and was Man of the Match four times. Thanks boys!


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    Opposition Results Dates
    Hokkaido Barbarians
    (Tour to Sapporo)
    L29 – 0 Sat Aug 30th
    (YC&AC ground)
    L41 – 21 Sun Sept 28th
    Komaba WMM
    (YC&AC ground)
    L36 – 22 Sun Oct 12th
    (YC&AC ground)
    W40 – 27 Sun Oct 26th
    Taisei Reds (YC&AC ground) W18 – 17 Sun Nov 9th
    McFadyen Cup
    (YC&AC ground)
    W61 – 21 Sat Nov 22nd
    (YC&AC ground)
    L76 – 3 Sun Nov 30th
    Koyama RFC
    (YC&AC ground)
    W96 – 0 Sat Dec 6th
    (YC&AC ground)
    L17 -10 Sun Dec 14th
    Acorn W62 - 7 Sun Mar 8th, 1.30pm
    Itochu Cancelled Sun Mar 15th, 1.30pm
    Over 35s Champs Sat Mar 21st
    56th YC&AC Japan Sevens Ryutsu Keizai University Sun Apr 12th