Terry Dixon Cup: YCAC vs. All France

Terry Dixon Cup: YCAC vs. All France

Terry Dixon Memorial Cup
YC&AC 70, All France 5 (HT: 38-5)
Tries: Aran Delaney, Brimman Frazer (2), Chris Baumann (5), Joe Fisher, Bistol Sefo, Simon Ryan, Ben Duncan
Conversions: Ben Duncan (5)

Match report by Joe Fisher, photos by Kyoko Obayashi.

“The French have a phrase for it. The bastards have a phrase for everything and they are always right.”
Raymond Chandler, The Long Good-Bye

Plus ça change

(YC&AC’s plunge in late 2010 into a literary Dark Ages almost completely bereft of match reports seems to have occurred without excessive lamentations from the diverse bunch of individuals known as the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ lists. However, it appears that the return of Steve “The Vicar” Lewis may usher in the start of a written word renaissance given that following his first game back I received an email from him and Simon “El Presidente” Ryan listing the half-time and full time scores along with the points scorers. No request was included in the message but even a slow front-rower could read between the lines …)

In many ways it is fitting that it is the Terry Dixon Memorial Cup match which marks the return of the YC&AC match report as Terry himself wrote several excellent pieces during his captaincy of the club, one of the best being his description of the night before a GM Cup match when he spent many hours in Roppongi going from bar to bar “just to check that there were no YC&AC guys in any of them”. However, as anyone who has ever tried knows, match reports can be difficult and time-consuming to write and Terry’s emails did often start with a promise of “match reports to follow” which was frequently left unfulfilled, so much so that at one point ex-YC&AC captain Ben Kiggell felt compelled to ‘Reply All’ to the list that: “Match reports to follow” has become one of the great lies, like “The cheque is in the mail” or “Don’t worry Terry, it happens to a lot of guys”.

Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait

In terms of the match, despite the eye-catching five tries on debut from YC&AC’s latest phenom (25 year-old US Eagle Chris “P.I.” Baumann), this was actually (and fittingly) a day for the veterans – none more so than one who didn’t in fact play for us, club legend Simon Tross Youle. Recently returned to Tokyo, this match would have been Tross Youle’s first game for YC&AC back on the sacred (artificial) turf of Yamate but the French were short a prop and El Presidente, showing the impeccable logic and speed of thought for which he has become justly famous for over the past 25 years, decried from on high that as Tross Youle had a French name he should be the one to cross over and shore up the All France front row.

Another front row club legend to shine in this match was Scott “Mad Marvin” Sizemore. It wouldn’t be polite to divulge Mad Marvin’s age to the list as a whole but it is truly amazing that he is still going strong enough to play full games 32 years after joining the club (as a 28 year-old). Unfortunately, there is often a significant gap between each of Marvin’s games these days and the IRB’s irritating tendency to change the laws every season does constantly catch him by surprise. Which is how he came to be almost decapitated at the first scrum of the match when he suddenly found that his hard-learned “crouch-touch-pause-engage” call had been replaced with the unfamiliar cadence of “crouch-touch-set”.

As far away from the front row as you can get (both physically and spiritually), another veteran to shine was the Legend of Yamate, El Presidente, scoring yet another try for the club with one of his trademark cameos off the bench. Indeed, the only thing unusual about El Presidente’s performance was that after scoring his try he didn’t pull his hamstring and have to leave the field. However, the explanation is probably that by this time YC&AC had built up such a lead that Vicar had morphed into Darth Vicar (an evil being seen only after YC&AC gets up by more than 50 points, or from the first minute of Panty Shield matches) and unleashed such a string of penalties against the home side that El Presidente never got even a sniff of the ball for the rest of the afternoon.

Team Sheet
1. Chris Baumann (USA)
2. Scott Sizemore (USA)
3. Joe Fisher (New Zealand) (vc)
4. Aran Delaney (USA)
5. Luke Raimo (USA)
6. Morihito Takayanagi (Japan)
7. Tauehe Jeffries (New Zealand)
8. Dean Stallard (Australia) (c)
9. Masa Nozaki (Japan)
10. Ben Duncan (England)
11. Asi Fui (Samoa)
12. Bill Baker (USA)
13. Bistol Sefo (Samoa)
14. Brimman Frazer (USA)
15. Kats Matsuo (Japan)

16. Gen Hirano (Japan)
17. Jyunji Kikkawa (Japan)
18. Simon Ryan (New Zealand)
19. Satoshi Delaney (Japan)


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