Saturday 15 February

The early exchanges against the Cru boded well for the Gents. Whether it was trimming the goatee or borrowing a few pills from Shane Warne’s mum, Richard Hoskin was looking fit, fast and furious. He only put one foot wrong all match : twisting his knee when mistiming an attempted stamp on the Gents’ least favourite Frog. And the No.8 to scrum half fulcrum was working par excellence as Ben “Daddy” Kiggell combined with Kevin “Daddy” Gibson to ensure a safe but continuous flow of possession from forwards to backs. The Gents did everything they could to get points on the board. James “Tiffany” Bohan-Pitt took it to extremes and bought a necklace for the Cru captain, but Tiffany should know that buying someone a necklace is no guarantee of a score. Half-time : Gents 0 Cru 7.
They say cometh the hour, cometh the man, and the man who has cometh more often that any YCAC player in history now took centre stage. Faster than an Israeli astronaut returning to Earth, more determined than a Frenchman retreating from battle, more assured of victory than an Aussie playing the Poms : Rhino, legend of Yamate, has given up both drink and shagging (he is married now you see). The only outlet for his immeasurable creative talents is the rugby field and he single-handedly destroyed the hopes and dreams of those poor Cru boys with a hat-trick of tries and a conversion. Cru came back with a last minute consolation try but it was too little too late. A wonderful day when we white-washed the Cru for the second time in a season got better and better as the English beat the French at Twickenham and a young lad making his debut for YCAC was last spotted at 4.00am with the Cru physio girl. The stuff dreams are made of. Final Score : Gents 17 Cru 14

The first team skipper was resting a little easier on Saturday morning, knowing that Garlo wouldn’t be late. Unfortunately, he didn’t factor in that Garna would be a no show and Appsie wouldn’t bring his boots. Injuries and the breezeway bar’s decision to stop stocking VB has decimated the team Aussie contingent, in fact the only Aussie playing was Ian “the Aussie” Miller, who is actually a Yank. Quite confusing, I realize. Perpetual slow starters (as it takes a while for the pills to kick in), Saturday was no exception and the Cru took an early lead 7-0. Fraser playing #10, but lurking out on the wing, put the YCAC on the board with a diving score in the corner. Kevin “Lomu” Imaizumi loomed large in the centers and battered the Cru with storming runs and high tackles. Good support and conscientious recycling led to a Go “Stay” Kawai try. Kevin notched a penalty kick to knot the score at 13 all. However, another silly YCAC penalty put the Cru up as the half-time whistle went. (15 of the Cru’s points came from penalties) Half-time: YCAC 13 Cru 16.
The comeback kids and Pops Friess were determined as they took the field in the second half. Several perfectly executed long line-outs from Terry “Zulu” Brink to Yoshi “Malts” Amano pressured the Cru defense and Kevin stormed through the backline for his first try in the blue jersey. Tahara “White Shoes” Koutarou slotted the conversion and the YCAC was back in business. James “Jackass” Rogers, Ian “The Aussie” Miller and Arthur “Leg Before Wicket” GDC were all stopped short of scoring by big tackles and bad reputations (actually Ian doesn’t have a bad reputation- yet). Yoshi, not marred by his reputation, took a reverse pass from Tahara and scored to put the YCAC up 27-22. A broken play deep in the YCAC end allowed the Cru a glimmer of hope, but Ian “the Aussie” slammed the door on the Cru with a sayonara try in the corner. Final Score: YCAC 32 Cru 27 Kevin Imiazumi was the Man of the Match, but graciously allowed the ref (Ryota) the chance to chug his beer.


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    Opposition Results Dates
    Hokkaido Barbarians
    (Tour to Sapporo)
    L29 – 0 Sat Aug 30th
    (YC&AC ground)
    L41 – 21 Sun Sept 28th
    Komaba WMM
    (YC&AC ground)
    L36 – 22 Sun Oct 12th
    (YC&AC ground)
    W40 – 27 Sun Oct 26th
    Taisei Reds (YC&AC ground) W18 – 17 Sun Nov 9th
    McFadyen Cup
    (YC&AC ground)
    W61 – 21 Sat Nov 22nd
    (YC&AC ground)
    L76 – 3 Sun Nov 30th
    Koyama RFC
    (YC&AC ground)
    W96 – 0 Sat Dec 6th
    (YC&AC ground)
    L17 -10 Sun Dec 14th
    Acorn W62 - 7 Sun Mar 8th, 1.30pm
    Itochu Cancelled Sun Mar 15th, 1.30pm
    Over 35s Champs Sat Mar 21st
    56th YC&AC Japan Sevens Ryutsu Keizai University Sun Apr 12th