Old Boys Club

The page for those who are gone but not forgotten

kiddJason Dunn – Gents XV vice-captain (Winger/Centre/Full Back)
Hailing from NZ, JD is a man of many roles: Property guru by day, family man at night, on-field captain of the Gents XV on the weekends. Lightning quick on attack and strong on defence it is unfortunate that a string of leg injuries have limited JD’s appearances over the 2006/07 and 2007/08 seasons. Speculation that since the recent birth of his daughter JD’s hammy isn’t the only thing he has been pulling is yet to be confirmed.

fraserFraser Jamieson – Club treasurer (Outside Half)
Tokyo’s ‘Yen Loans’ man and premier expert in male hair-care, Fraser continues to dedicate many hours to maintaining our relationship with our bar sponsors in Tokyo. On the field, despite a string of injuries that would have seen him put down long ago if he was a horse, Jamieson is still going strong, with his rear end actually being awarded the Gents ‘Player of the Year’ award for the 2006/2007 season. The Committee believe that this is the first time that a body part (rather than a whole person) has won the award and are currently seeking to verify this.

StephenStephen Marcon (Second Row)
Stephen saw the light at the end of the 2006/07 season and defected from the Tokyo Crusaders to YCAC. However, his timing was unfortunate insofar as our one-point loss to the Cru in the 2007 GM Cup match meant that he was the only person in the room who had played in the losing side in both of the last two fixtures! However, since then Stephen has formed a strong locking partnership with fellow man-mountain Sias Potgieter and he more than got his own back on his old club when YCAC hammered the Cru 55-0 in February 2008.

Ken Noguchi (Winger)
Ken is a perfect example of the international nature of the YCAC rugby club: Born in Japan, educated in Scotland and England (Oxford), eight years in Iran with a major Japanese corporate and now happily residing within spitting distance of the YCAC grounds. This varied background has combined to form a winger small in stature but with a remarkable try-scoring ratio. Scoring off the pitch is proving more of a problem, indeed Ken’s time in Iran has left him with an unfortunate female phobia and a liking for facial hair (other peoples).

dimondMatt Dimond (Flanker/Centre)
Matt is the son of two British diplomats and was actually born in Japan during a posting here. Despite the nick name ‘Posh Spice’, Matt has quickly developed a reputation as the Iron Man of YCAC rugby by always playing two full matches whenever needed. A strong runner with the ball Matt refuses to throw 50/50 passes ‘“ they’re all less than that!

sandySandy Rose (Flanker/Winger)
Sandy’s confusion over his preferred position does nothing to dampen his commitment on the field, and makes the selectors’ lives much easier. Sandy has also been a very good Recruiting Agent in recent times, bringing in a steady stream of Seppo’s from the Navy Base to fill out YCAC’s ranks.

graySteve “Big Cuzzy Bro” Gray (No. 8)
Steve arrived at YCAC during the 2006/07 season with a strong rugby CV – ex-NZ schoolboys and the last 4 years on a rugby scholarship at a top level Japanese university. Better yet, his performances on the pitch for YCAC have been every bit as impressive as his background suggests they would be, none more so than his Man of the Match effort in the 2008 Interport. However, given that he has now joined YCAC’s ever-expanding ranks of brokers, his opponents are no doubt hopeful that the heavy social requirements of the new job will bring him down to the same level as the rest of us.

doogsDougal Robertson (Scrum Half)
During his first stay with YCAC, Doogs’ scoring record and all-round contribution made him the obvious choice for player of the year in 2000/01. A nasty head injury in early 2002, closely followed by a broken neck and a return to NZ seemed to end his career with YCAC but now he is back. He won player of the year for a second time in 2003/04, took on the captaincy of the 1st XV from 2004 to 2006, and then went on to win player of the year for a third time in 2006/07. Much to his teammates amusement, Doogs took to wearing a bone white scrum-cap for much of the 2007/08 season, reportedly a present from ‘The Frenchie’ to help keep his good looks in place prior to their August 2008 wedding.

Rich Watkins (flyhalf, fullback)
Rich ‘Fabio’ Watkins can be compared to Houdini, the famous trickery artist. With a puff of smoke Rich arrived from Singapore in late 2008 and made an immediate impact when he debuted for YCAC in that season’s GM Cup match. His rugby ability was evident from the minute he stepped on the pitch with skills and cheeky runs that firmed his place in the 1sts squad. However, since then we have discovered that trying to get Rich to turn up on a regular basis is actually the most difficult trick of all. Admittedly, Rich does have many off the pitch activities which demand his time – his modelling career and smooching with the ladies to mention just a couple. However, with more consistent appearances so far in the 2009/10 season we are all hoping Rich’s off-field Houdini tricks have now been tamed.

img_1346Arnaud ‘Mature’ Terrien (Winger)
As a classic Frenchman Arnaud appreciates maturity in the finer things in life: His wine, his cheese and his women. A twinkle-toed winger with more straggly hair than a French poodle, Arnaud has scored many a try by flicking his Gallic locks in the face of the on-rushing full-back before touching down in the corner.

adam_kennedyAdam Kennedy (wing)
Since his debut during the 2007/08 season, Adam “The Portly Winger” Kennedy has put in many a ‘solid’ performance for the YCAC Gents. Although mainly playing in his favoured wing position, Adam has had some interesting position switches in his time at YCAC with his promotion to the 2nd row standing out as a particular highlight. Whilst this unusual career move worked well for Gents legends Mike ‘Masivo’ King and Atsushi ‘Sushi’ Fuji, Adam quickly decided the engine room was no place for him and promptly hightailed it back to the safety of the wing for the next match. Adam’s key achievement in YCAC so far was avoiding a bagel during the 2008/09 season with one solitary but spectacular try – a feat he is keen to repeat this season. Has been mentioned as a serious challenger to Fraser ‘Buffalo Butt’ Jamieson for the Back Obesity Perpetual Shield ‘“ watch this space.

erichErich ‘The Freezer’ Friess – Social director (Loose Head)
The Freezer has been as solid as a rock ever since his first year with YCAC, and led from the front as 1st XV captain for two seasons from 2002 to 2004. A three-time past winner of the golden bagel (for zero points in a season) Freezer’s main aim in life is now to cross the try line at least once per season ‘“ something he didn’t manage to do for the entire 2007/08 season.

vicarSteve ‘The Vicar’ Lewis – Gents XV captain (Referee)
Used to controlling the game in the number 10 shirt, a tragic bar injury means the Vicar now exercises his authority with the selector’s pen and the referee’s whistle. Since his marriage in 2006 Roppongi nightclubs have complained that their after midnight sales of Long Island Ice Teas have decreased dramatically. However, the arrival of his first child in 2007 has ensured that the Vicar is still turning up on Sundays with only a couple of hours of sleep under his belt.

danclark4Dan Clark (Hooker)
A one-season wonder during 2004/05, some might have thought Dan a little too pretty for the front row. His performances at scrum and line-out offered some reassurance, but it was his absolute phobia of crossing the tryline with the ball that confirmed the point. Now in Singapore.

rogersJames ‘The Sock’ Rogers (No. Eight)
James is a native of the Land of the Long White Cloud, and a disciple of the Long White Sock. He was upset to learn the sex ban on the night before big matches extended to self abuse, but still often disappears to the Gents with his sock for a ‘warm-up’ just before kick-off. He made a massive contribution on the field since joining the club in 2002 (though he seemed to spend 10 minutes every game on the touchline with a bleeding nose) and was first XV vice-captain for 2004/05. Now in England.

niallNiall ‘Mad Doctor’Jefferson (Outside Half/Centre/Full Back)
Niall brought a unique mixture of skills to the field – the kicking & running kind that have saw him make a strong claim for the #10 shirt in the 04/05 season, and the medical kind that saw him frequently called to the sidelines to repair bodies shattered by his teammates’ tackles.

tomjonesTom Jones (Second Row)
One of YCAC’s best recruits from the US Navy, Tom was a powerful force in the pack and relishes dishing out the sort of cruel & unusual punishment that his training at law school didn’t quite cover. Does he score? Well, it’s not unusual . . . Now posted to the rugby heartland of San Diego.

cornerRichard Corner (Tight Head)
A winger trapped in the body of a 17 stone prop, Richard spent his time in Japan saving up for position-reassignment surgery. In the meantime he was equally happy running straight over the top of would-be tacklers or demonstrating his bewitching sidestep. He threatens to be back one day, but we’re not keeping the 12 shirt open for him . . .

hoskin2Richard Hoskin (Prop)
Although an athlete of Richard’s natural ability could have picked almost any position on the field and make it his own, he preferred to spend his time in the front row. A stalwart of YCAC and veteran of the rugby section, he made a welcome return to action in 2001, featuring in the Interport in Kobe and again in the 2002 match in Yokohama.

sumoSusumu ‘Sumo’ Nojima (Hooker)
Sumo found his jumpers every time, which is a miracle given how hard it was for him to find the ground before the game starts. He typified the modern mobile, skillful breed of front row forward, and so was completely out of place at YCAC. Unfortunately a neck injury picked up during our 2001 10s triumph has forced him to hang up the boots and stick with more sedate pursuits (surely nothing to do with the girlfriend moving in . . .)

arthurArthur Gautier-De-Charnace (Second Row/Back Row)
A new arrival in 2001, Arthur made an immediate impression with his lineout skills (mostly due to being a lot less lardy than the club’s other locks). One of the few surviving bachelors in the team, Arthur was among the club leaders in scoring every year, and is now taking his talents to New York.

grantRobbie Grant (Second Row/Number 8)
Seven feet tall but weighing almost nothing, Robbie made everyone’s life easier at the linout during the 2002/03 season. Trying to keep up when he sets off on a run was another matter, though.

renaudRenaud Biscarrat (Flanker)
Renaud added gallic flair to the back row (when he wasn’t in hospital with another head injury – use your arms to tackle, mate). Although his discipline on the rugby field is a disgrace to his country (he has never had so much as a yellow card) he made his mark for the soccer team on the Bangkok tour, getting sent off 5 minutes after coming on as a sub. Magnifique!.

Benn Shepherd (Winger)
Benn was the master try poacher on either wing. His hat trick in the inaugural Panty Shield (and the subsequect 3 tequila shots) were not enough to stop his relentles assault on the try line, and he had another great season the following year. A telephone injury (honest!) ruled him out of rugby after that, and after a year of YCAC hocky he has now moved to NY.

Austin Sweeney (Outside Half)
Austin claims not to even know of the existence of the YCAC rugby website, and so won’t mind us mentioning that he was born a girl and since his surgery his off-field hobbies have come to include crochet, bestiality and morris dancing.

brettBrett Wright (Flanker)
Did someone say rock hard? Brett’s immense tackling meant the defensive line close to the breakdown was been all but impregnable when he played. He didn’t score as many ‘meat pies’ as his back row brethren, but none of them would dare to point that out to him. He arrived from Hong Kong, and left after a year for Singapore.

moriDan Mori (Almost anywhere)
Another proud son of the US of A, Dan served his homeland in Yokohama as a lawyer for the US Navy. There’s another type of servicing he was well known for too – it wasn’t his service from the base of the scrum, but it did also involve a lot of different positions. Now suffering on a hardship posting in Hawaii. Do we feel a tour coming on?

Mike Powell (Second Row/No. 8)
The 1999/2000 player of the season has lost none of his pace or fearsome aggresion round the field but now displays them from behind a whistle. Naturally the irony of a ref having a guide dog as a pet has not escaped the players under his control.

sluggerJohn ‘Slugger’ Hammond (Winger/Full Back)
This seasoned campaigner and ex pilot sprouted new wings since the birth of his daughter. He now prefers to play sober, and was even tackling opponents WITH the ball in his last season, but he could still teach Mike Tyson a thing or two. Now in France.

bartelotNick Bartelot (Winger/Full Back)
Nick made a huge impression during his short stay on an academic exchange in Yokohama. As well as doing athletics, rugby and God knows what else for his school he found time to make the rest rest of us at YCAC look very slow while scoring from either wing or full back.

Colin ‘Zoo’ Naughton (Winger)
Although the origins of Colin’s nickname are lost in the mists of ancient history, his animal instincts are plain to see whether he is hunting tries on the field or tracking a potential mate on a Saturday night. He won the 2002 Big Hitter award for some outstanding tackling throughout the season – the judges claim his nightime scores were not included in the reckoning, but it’s hard to see how they could have been overlooked. Now on a hardship posting in Bangkok.

danlebDanny Le Blanc (Winger)
Dan learnt to tackle from WWF, and we were all waiting for the day he took out his man with one of the spectators’ benches. He played a full game with a broken hand in early February, before agreeing to take an asprin and rest the injury for a couple of weeks. He is like lightening with the ball in hand, though, and scored plenty of tries, despite the extra drag from that hair. Now back in the US.

malMalcolm Barnett (Outside Half/Centre)
Mal was the steel of the midfield, the very soul of the 1st XV backline. Team mates have been heard to scream – ‘Malcolm – YOU ARE SOUL’ at critical moments. Mal brought a rich rugby history to the YC&AC after stints in Australia and Hong Kong, and has now taken it to New York.

James Lovegrove (No. 8/Centre)
James had huge impact on the side after his arrival in the middle of the 2000/01 season, scoring in every game he played that year despite regular visits to the touchline for oxygen. After getting fit enough for 80 minutes, he was incredible whether breaking from the back of the scrum or charging through the midfield. Player of the season in 2001/02, he suffered a nasty broken arm in the last game of the season. Now in Singapore.

jeffJeff Scott (Centre/Winger)
Jeff’s wild hair and tattoos are in contrast to his gentle and friendly nature – unless you were playing for other side and had the ball, that is, when he was just as crazy as he looked.

Steve Thompson (Flanker/No. 8)
A part-time player due to his commitments as a Calvin Klein underwear model (and yes – he does use a pair of socks down there), Thomo claims to have played for Scotland schoolboys. His last sightings in Tokyo suggested it’s more likely to be Japanese schoolgirls he’s rucking these days.

brinkTerry Brink (Hooker)
Terry arrived from SA via Hong Kong just in time to help win the Gareth MacFadyen cup in 2001. A HK represesentitive player, his contribution in the loose and tight is immense, but we all wished he’d stop calling the lineouts in Zulu. Work has taken him back to HK, but we are still hoping for occasional guest appearances.

rideoutKevin Rideout (Centre)
A 2002 arrival from Hong Kong, Kevin has already made a great impression in the first team midfield. He was awarded the ‘fallen star’ trophy at the end of the 2003/04 season after it was revealed he played for Wales Universities & Saracens 1st XV in his youth before bringing himself down to YCAC level with beer, cigarettes & women.

timwTim Wood (Centre/Wing)

alferrisAl Ferris (Winger/Flanker)
Al will be hanging up his boots just as soon as his career as an international rock star takes off – which will mean we enjoy his company at the club for years to come. He tried to leave once, but has been drawn back into the fold again. Like most of his compatriots at YCAC, he can play in almost any position (rugby, not the guitar) which is a dangerous skill (hooker, anyone?). Now in NZ.

sushiYasushi ‘Sushi’ Fujii (Winger)
Every single item of Sushi’s clothing is emblazoned with the letters ‘HKRFC’. He claims he was a member of Hong Kong Football Club, but the little round glasses, the scar on his head and the way he can magically make a beer disappear suggest the H might stand for a well known school of wizardry. Now a house-husband in NZ

jrobertsonJames Robertson (Full Back)
Many has been the time the older, fatter, less skillful members of the first XV have watched scrum-half Dougal at work and wished we could have more like him. Well thank you Mrs Robinson! You have given us just that. Dougal’s brother arrived for the 2003/04 season and has added frightening skill and pace to the back division and scored a hatful of tries so far. All together now: ‘Well here’s to you Mrs Robertson’. Now in NZ

saitoSaito san (Referee/Touch judge)
Saito san has the unenviable job of trying to keep YCAC players the right side of the laws.

brookieMike Brooke (Tight Head)
An urbane investment banker during the week, Brookie becomes a man possessed when he pulls on his kit and hits the rugby field. Always leading from the front – especially when aroused by foul play – Brookey loves to harangue opposition and referees alike in their native tongue, just as long as they are fluent in Brookish. Now retired.

blacoeAndy Blacoe (Hooker)
Another one of the legion of lawyers arriving at the club in 2005, Andy is happy to put the niceties of the legal world aside for the brutal realities of front row play at the weekend. Now in Australia.

skippaBen Kiggell (Second Row)
After two years as first XV captain, Ben returned to the ranks for 2002/03. As a lineout jumper he is fighting a losing battle against gravity (or rather his props are) but he can be a powerful force at the breakdown. He will be looking to cross the tryline at least once this year – something he didn’t manage for the whole of last season. Now in Singapore.

garethGareth Hayward (Second Row)
YCAC’s very own Mr Orbit plays most of his best rugby with his feet off the ground but is handy across the turf too. A wizard at lineouts and restarts, he also scores too many tries for a tight forward. The backs’ committee is investigating jealously.

stairsAlistair ‘Stairs’ Killen (Second Row/Back Row)
A man-mountain, Stairs has lost a bit of weight recently and is now merely vast. When he jumps in the lineout, people run for cover in case he lands on them. He had an outstanding first season for YCAC in 2004/05.

johanJohan Slabbert (Flanker/Number 8)
A farm boy originally from Free State, Johan moved to Japan from London where he was playing for Esher. He keeps both barrels of his shotgun loaded at all times in case the likes of the Vicar make a move on his lovely twin daughters. Even without the Purdey, though, he is a scary sight on the rugby field, crunching the ball carrier or flattening would-be tacklers with ease.

ishidaMasa Ishida (Flanker)
Masa is playing his second season with YCAC after a season with ISCI in Jakarta and six years with the Nomads in Manila. Still making the hard yards and making big tackles at age 40, his ambition is to play with his sons, which makes us wonder why he sent them to a school where they only play gridiron.

ryotaRyota Yashima (Flanker/Referee)
The 1999/2000 player of the season has lost none of his pace or fearsome aggression round the field but now displays them from behind a whistle. Naturally the irony of a ref having a guide dog as a pet has not escaped the players under his control.

jeeRob ”˜roids’ Jee (Flanker)
That’s hemorrhoids, not steroids. Rob’s surname has unfortunate connotations in Japan and leaves the team wondering if that tube in his kit bag is Deep Heat or Preparation H. ‘˜roids has put in some fine performances on those occasions when he has woken up in time for kick-off.

tdThusitha Herath (Flanker)
Another 2005 arrival, but this time from Sri Lanka. TD has played for the Sri Lankan national team at u19 & full international level, and also plays for the Sri Lanka police side. He’s not actually a policeman, though, or he might have met a few of the YCAC boys before on our tour to his home country.

Marcus Waudby (No. 8)
Marcus stands out from the rest of the YCAC squad for his devotion to his physical condition. His plan to weigh more than the entire opposition front row worked to perfection this season with some storming ‘runs’ as evidence, as well as plenty of ‘meat pies’ on the scoresheet to match the ones on his plate. (Editor’s note: the photo used here is temporary – we will switch it for one with Marcus eating a pie as soon as the photographer can buy some fast enough film to catch the pie in motion)

Mike Benner (Fullback)
Mike has been part of the YCAC rugby scene for many years, captaining the Gents in the mid 90s. After spending years grappling in the mud with fat guys in rugby kit Mike has discovered his real love (apart from the new Mrs Benner) is water polo, where he can wrestle underwater with fit men in lycra.

Lyndon Smith (Flanker)
A 2005 arrival from NZ, Lyndon made an immediate impression on YCAC with the most garish rugby shorts ever to grace our pitch, but has added to his reputation with some crunching tackles and classy handling in his time at the club. His background is in rugby league, so of course we always picked him at flanker where he was guaranteed to have no experience.

freemanRich Freeman (Outside Half/Centre)
Formerly the coach and playmaker at rival KRAC, Rich moved to Tokyo in a transparent attempt to be on the winning side in another Interport. That tactic worked well, and there was also more long-overdue coverage of YCAC rugby in the Daily Yomiuri with him in charge there. Unfortunately a chronic back injury has now forced him to hang up his boots.

gavinGavin Moolman (Hooker / Flanker)
An executive with a major European car-maker, Gavin spends all day making safe vehicles and all night making unsafe sex. The positive result for the club is that through this policy Gavin has single-handedly created the next generation of YCAC players. The negative result for Gavin is that he keeps getting shown up for pace by his teenage sons. However, the next generation still has plenty to learn from Big Daddy when it comes to commitment ‘“ Gavin plays two matches every week and gives it 100% every minute he is on the field. Now in England.

neilsNeil ‘˜Teflon’ Smith (Lock)
An active and vocal member of the club from 1987 to 1996, Neil was the only lock in the world who didn’t jump in the lineout and was also incapable of catching the ball ‘“ hence his nickname. His achievements were many: sent off in the 0ver-35s tournament; sent the Gents fly-half off for kicking too much against young and fast opposition; and in one match both he and his son were penalized. He captained the Gents in 1990/91. Now living in the boondocks of Tottori, he brings his rugby club to YC&AC once a year to renew old friendships.

Ian Miller (Wing)
A strange mix of opposites ‘“ a tattooed banker who looks twenty years older than he really is but is blindingly quick on the rugby field ‘“ Ian was a regular fixture in the YCAC 1sts for a few seasons before following his banking career to the land of Oz in 2007. (How ironic that Ian, originally from the American South, was given the nickname Ian ‘˜The Aussie’ when he first joined YCAC and is now actually living in Sydney).

stephanetStephane Tsassis (Lock)
Despite a hectic travel schedule for work and considerable family commitments the French Silver Fox always put in huge amounts of effort on the field. Stephane was also been admired for the good-natured manner in which he takes all the stick given to his home country by his YCAC team-mates. Indeed he seemed to be assimilating a little too well ‘“ prior to the 2008 match against All France he was heard to yell ‘I hate the f*cking French!’ during the warm-ups. Now, strangely enough, back in France ‘¦

gokawai1Go Kawai (Prop/Hooker)
Go made his way to YCAC after a spell with the distinguished Narbonne Rugby Club in the south of France. A worker in the wine industry, Go loves nothing more than stomping on grapes during the week and opposition players on the weekends.

terryTerry Dixon (Hooker/Flanker)
Terry is a cunning linguist – having taken his masters in Japanese as a student at Cambridge, he is now attempting to master a number of Japanese students in Tokyo. Despite some success he always has an enormous amount of energy left for rugby on a Sunday. He has played more rugby in the back row than at hooker for the last couple of years – his random lineout throwing in may be behind that switch, and in fact more often than not he is the one being lifted (by the ankles) as the #4 jumper.

kieranKieran Walsh (No. 8)
In his day job, Kieran deals with the modern marvel of crystal clear wireless communications. On the field, his vociferous celtic encouragement of team-mates makes you wonder if he needs a translator more than a handset.

masaMasa Nozaki (Scrum Half)
YCAC’s resident pimp, Masa is Hawaiian shirt wearing, yellow sports car driving dynamo. Despite being a senior member of YCAC’s ‘˜Midgets Club’, Masa has lightning service from the base of the scrum and is happy mixing it with much bigger players. (For further evidence of this, please consult the ladies’ hockey captain.) Unfortunately, Masa’s trait of thinking he is more of a man than he really is has recently carried over to the rugby field where in early 2008 he put himself forward as a goal kicker. In his only attempt he put forward the worst kick at goal in YCAC history. Barely connecting with the ball, it is fair to say that in the Amazonian rain forests there are tribes of Indians yet untouched by civilization who could have put forth a more convincing impression of a rugby placekicker.

mattyMatt Creagh (Centre)
A lanky Queenslander with good hands and an excellent change of pace who has scored bucket loads of tries for the club since joining during the 2006/07 season. Matt is also unusually punctual for an Aussie. This is perhaps due to the fact that he does not seem to have taken a liking to the local females, instead preferring the companionship of long-term ‘˜friend’, Dom Townsend, with whom he previously shared a house. Such a stable private life is great for Matt’s rugby ‘“ he was the 1st XV ‘˜Most Valuable Player’ for the 2007/08 season.

jamesbJames ‘˜Windmill’ Brooks (Winger)
James joined the club for the 2007/08 season and quickly impressed with his exceptional pace, scoring some excellent wingers tries during the season. A no-show on the second day of the 2008 Bangkok tour blotted the copybook somewhat, but Windmill redeemed himself at the end of the season by allowing fellow YCAC player Dean Stallard to move in with him. This was especially generous considering Dean had broken James’ hand in the Panty Shield match only a few weeks earlier!

Graham Creighton (Fullback)
Standing next to his heavier-set (fatter) YCAC team-mates, many an oppo player has decided Graham is their best chance of getting a ‘˜big hit’. However, they soon discover that you can’t tackle what you can’t catch and the fast South African usually emerges unscathed. Rumour has it that Graham keeps so lean by assisting his better half in her athletic endeavours ‘“ She is a Japan pole-vaulting champion and Graham is her pole!

Mark_PartingtonMark Partington

Chris_CalderwoodChris Calderwood

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    L29 – 0 Sat Aug 30th
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    (YC&AC ground)
    L36 – 22 Sun Oct 12th
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    W40 – 27 Sun Oct 26th
    Taisei Reds (YC&AC ground) W18 – 17 Sun Nov 9th
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    L76 – 3 Sun Nov 30th
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    W96 – 0 Sat Dec 6th
    (YC&AC ground)
    L17 -10 Sun Dec 14th
    Acorn W62 - 7 Sun Mar 8th, 1.30pm
    Itochu Cancelled Sun Mar 15th, 1.30pm
    Over 35s Champs Sat Mar 21st
    56th YC&AC Japan Sevens Ryutsu Keizai University Sun Apr 12th