DAY 2 Results – Tradition YCAC – HKFC Tens 2013

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Cup Quarter Final – Tradition YCAC vs Borrelli Walsh Australian Country W12 – 0
Cup Semi Final – ULR Samurai International vs Tradition YCAC: L19 – 12

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DAY 1 Results – Tradition YCAC – HKFC Tens 2013

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Tradition YCAC - HKFC Tens 2013

Tradition YCAC vs A-Trade Overseas Old Boys: W22 – 0
Tradition YCAC vs Playmore’s Devils-Own Wanderers: W66 – 0
HSBC Penguins vs Tradition YCAC: W7 – 21

Tradition YCAC go through to the Cup Quarter Final.
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“Tora, Tora, Tora” Tour 2010

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Jakarta – “Under strength but under way”

The tour started with JD, Freezer, Slow Joe and the NightMaher meeting at Tokyo station in the afternoon of Friday 12 February to catch the Narita Express. Things immediately became lively with Slow Joe’s declaration that he would be continuing his stance on not drinking that he has undertaken this season. This came as quite a shock to the NightMaher and the trip out to Narita involved a detailed discussion which touched on issues of sexuality (“You are a homo”), virility (“You are a soft c0ck”) and the difference between mens rea and actus reus (“I don’t care if you don’t drink, I am going to hold you down and pour it down your throat”).

Vicar joined us at Narita airport and the five of us boarded the Friday night flight to Bangkok. The plane ride saw an incredible consumption of alcohol (a trend for plane journeys that was to continue throughout the tour) and was notable for the almost unbelieveable patience of the psychologist from Alabama in front of us who had already been travelling for 24 hours yet somehow managed to put up with us for the entire journey.

We stayed the night at accommodation close to Bangkok airport and were able to catch up with Colin “Zoo” Naughten who kindly brought out a new set of YCAC’s traditional party shirts. Early the next morning we flew to Jakarta where we were joined by Calver (flying straight in from Singapore) and met at the airport by a bus and Franny “The Tranny” Holdaway-Howard, a representative from the rugby section of ISCI, YCAC’s sister club in Jakarta. A short two hour bus ride later we were at our hotel (an opulent Novotel) where we dumped our bags and met up with Rhino and Fossil (who had flown in earlier). After grabbing a quick Chinese lunch (ideal pre-match rugby food) we then got back on the bus for another short two hour ride to ISCI.

Our game against ISCI was 12-a-side with us borrowing some of Jakarta’s Japanese rugby club to fill up our team. The game was reffed by Vicar and played over two 12 minutes halves. It ended as a 5-all draw, setting a precedent for low-scoring matches that was to continue throughout the tour. YCAC’s sole try was scored by one of our Jakarta Japanese imports but Rhino was the star of the show for YCAC at flyhalf. All things considered a draw was probably a pretty good result for us. After playing through a Japanese winter on an artificial field we found switching to humid temperatures and a muddy pitch quite a challenge.

After an aftermatch function with ISCI it was time to get back on the bus to sample Jakarta night-life with our tour guides Franny the Tranny and one-time YCAC player Charles “Chuck” Ball.

Phnom Penh – “Trial by fire”

After a day recovering in Jakarta we flew to Phnom Penh (via Bangkok) on Monday 15 February. We were joined in transit at Bangkok by SS, Bulla Bulla, Wee Willie and Ian the Aussie.

On the morning of Tuesday 16 February we visited the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek and the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21). In the afternoon we played a 15-a-side match at Phnom Penh’s colossal Old Stadium. Our opponents were the Sisowath Knights, an expat team based in Phnom Penh, although players from the PSE Garudas, one of the other Phnom Penh clubs, joined both teams to make up the numbers. The game was played over four 12 minute quarters with Vicar reffing the first and third quarters and a local Cambodian ref controlling the second and fourth quarters. Despite losing 5-nil we actually played pretty well, creating a number of chances to score but just not being able to finish. Rhino was again in fine form at flyhalf and captain NightMaher led by example.

After the match the Sisowath Knights put on an enjoyable aftermatch function at Sharkeys bar. Unfortunately one tourist enjoyed it rather too much and committed the cardinal sin of oversleeping and being late to breakfast the next morning. His punishment, carried out at Phnom Penh’s famous Foreign Correspondent’s Club, was an ancient rugby test of speed under pressure involving a beer, some toilet paper and a lighter.

Siem Reap – “Pearls before swine”

Continuing our ‘hit and run’ policy of not staying more than two days in any one place we proceeded from the Foreign Correspondent’s Club to Phnom Penh airport and made the short trip to Siem Reap, a tourist town located very close to the Angkor Wat temples. On Thursday 18 February we visited Angkor Wat and, although spectacular, the most interesting part of the day was the vast number of tourists who ignored the temples and instead preferred taking photos of a bunch of rugby players in party shirts and Tui sombreros!

Bangkok – “Not much between despair and ecstasy”

After a couple of days relaxing in Siem Reap we flew back to Bangkok on Friday 19 February for the final part of the tour. At this stage Vicar departed but our ranks were bolstered by Buffalo Butt, Flash, the Stallard-Fahy-Watkins’, Brutus, Crowbar and, last but not least, Masivo (who was on his own “One Night in Bangkok” tour).

After the traditional pre-tournament dinner at the German restaurant YCAC woke up at a reasonable hour on a Saturday morning ready for another crack at the Bangkok 10’s. Unfortunately we opened our 2010 campaign with a 15-7 loss to the Southerners, a Bangkok expat team, with Flash scoring and converting our only try.

We faired better in our next match, gaining a 5-0 victory over XV Gaulois, a French team based in Singapore, courtesy of a try by Noah but we could not get another win in the pool stages, going down 5-0 to St Patricks Exiles, a Sydney club team, in our last match of the day.

On the Sunday we lost our Cup Round of 16 match 7-0 to the Pakuranga Pythons, an Auckland club team and eventual Cup finalists, and then our Plate quarterfinal 14-7 to the Southerners. We actually scored first in this match (with Noah converting his own try) and by virtue of a rule that in case of a draw it is the team that scores first that progresses we were looking good until the Southerners made a break in the final play of the game and we were unable to run them down. With this tournament coming at the end of the tour it was probably always going to be difficult to repeat our success of the previous two years. However, results aside, we still had a great time at the tournament and in Bangkok.

After the traditional game of ‘slaps’ by the pool at our hotel on Sunday afternoon most tourists departed for Bangkok airport to catch the overnight flight back to Tokyo. As might be expected, it was a tired bunch of rugby players who arrived at Narita on the morning of Monday 22 February!

Many thanks to Freezer and JD, our “Lightweight Amateur Tour Organizers”, for all their work in putting everything together and running an unforgettable tour.

Slow Joe

Tour Party
JD (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Freezer (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Rhino (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Fossil (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Calver (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Slow Joe (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
NightMaher (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Vicar (Jakarta / Phnom Penh / Siem Reap)
SS (Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Bulla Bulla (Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Wee Willie (Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Ian the Aussie (Phnom Penh / Siem Reap / Bangkok)
Masivo (Bangkok)
Tight Arse (Bangkok)
Flash (Bangkok)
The Stallard-Fahy-Watkins’ (Bangkok)
Brutus (Bangkok)
Crowbar (Bangkok)

Bangkok 10’s 2009

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Match reports by Joe Fisher


YCAC 37 Bali 0
Tries: Lance MacDonald, Ian Miller, Jimmy Maher (2), Will Whetstone, Ryan Rogers (2)
Conversions: Will Whetstone

YCAC got their 2009 Bangkok 10’s campaign off to a good start with a relatively easy win against a Bali side with good size but little in the way of pace. The entire YCAC squad got onto the field in this game and Craig “Bulla Bulla Choker” Dunn (elder brother of JD) surprised everyone by taking the field “commando” style – “all nuts, no gruts” as resident fashion guru Jimmy “Nightmaher” Maher put it. The only other notable incident of this match was that the Bali team fielded an adult male silverback gorilla in their starting X. As if this wasn’t enough of a shock it was later revealed that this primate was actually previously known to the Counties duo of Nightmaher and Kane “Cl!t” Hancy – so well known infact that they have previously shaved letters into the gorilla’s hair!

Tries: Jimmy Maher (2), Joe Fisher, Ryan Rogers, Lance MacDonald, Barry Clark, Maui Magele
Conversions: Lance MacDonald, Fraser Jamieson (2)

INSEAD is a global MBA program with campuses in France and Singapore. They were also the 32nd ranked team in this tournament (out of 32) and this match was just as easy as the scoreline suggests it was. INSEAD were clearly trying to bring their studies onto the rugby pitch by assuming an open negotiating position and asking YCAC for leniency on their front row before a single set piece was even put down. The humility displayed by statements such as “Please go easy on us – you will clearly win and this guy has never been in a scrum before” might win some points in the boardroom but against hard-nosed front-rowers like Erich “Freezer” Friess and Dean “Fish” Stallard it didn’t cut much mustard. Sure enough, a scrum was soon set down and the INSEAD virgin front-rower popped out of it clutching a (quickly-swelling) black eye. After this YCAC establishment of a “bottom-line position” the game was pretty much o! ne-way traffic …

YCAC 26 Thailand Legends 7
Tries: Steve Gray, Lance MacDonald, Kane Hancy, Maui Magele
Conversions: Lance MacDonald, Kane Hancy, Leigh Fyfe

This match was billed as the “big” fixture in our pool as the Thailand Legends, basically the Thailand National 7’s team, and YCAC were the top two seeds in the group. In last year’s tournament this same team (playing under the name Thailand Barbarians) had beaten YCAC easily in the quarter-finals on the Cup competition. However, as the Thailand Legends soon found out, it was a vastly different YCAC side they were up against in 2009. In reporting on this match the next day the Bangkok Post wrote that YCAC put in “a good all-round display” and ended up causing “[p]ossibly the biggest surprise of the day [when] the Japanese side from Yokohama (YCAC) emrged top of their Pool after upsetting group favourites Thailand Legends”.


Round of 16 – YCAC 47 Bombay Gymkhana 0
Tries: Ryan Rogers (2), Will Whetstone, Maui Magele, Kane Hancy, Lance MacDonald (2)
Conversions: Lance MacDonald, Kane Hancy (5)

In previous years the first match on the Sunday has traditionally been the hardest of the entire weekend. Last year “Wee” Willie Lapthorn memorably scored the same number of tries as he had hours sleep the night before (two) and in prior tournaments it has been a struggle even to get a team on the field. However, after an inspired decision by the organizers of the Bangkok 10’s to push back the starting times on Sunday there were no such hiccups this time around.

Cup Quarter-final – YCAC 5 New Zealand Legends 7
Tries: Jimmy Maher

As the score-sheet reveals, YCAC were knocked out of the tournament by the closest of margins by a committed New Zealand Legends side (essentially a group of club players from the Otago region). After scoring the opening try the NZ Legends went into their shells and started playing very conservative rugby, slowing the play down at every opportunity and kicking the ball into touch from penalties (highly unusual in X’s). YCAC were clearly the better attacking team and if the game had gone on for another five minutes then one senses that we would have come away with the result. However, on this occasion it wasn’t to be and credit should go to the NZ Legends for picking a game plan which suited their strengths and for their gutsy defense throughout the match.

In terms of the final result of the tournament, the NZ Legends (who quickly recruited the Nightmaher into their ranks) went on to defeat a Singapore Barbarians side featuring YCAC players Rich “Singapore” Watkins, Ryan “Shotgun” Rogers and Matt “Magpie” Head in the Cup semi-finals before being beaten by they Sydney-based Burwood Blues in the Cup final. In terms of YCAC’s performance it is interesting what a difference a year can make. We got knocked out in the Cup quarter-finals last year and were pretty happy because we knew we didn’t really have a team to go much further. In contrast, we got knocked out at the same stage again this year but were gutted because we felt that we still had plenty of rugby left in us. However, despite the slightly disappointing on-field finish, this was still a great tour and credit must go to Fraser “Frugal” Jamieson for all his organization and his excellent work on the kit – individually-named playi! ng jerseys and polos plus a much sought-after “sumo rogering something from the country we are visiting” t-shirt. Simon “Ex Dictatore” Ryan also deserves a mention for fulfilling for the upteenth time the key tour role of off-field general and decision-maker.

Scott “Eavy Itter” Calver
Barry “Gizzajob” Clark
Jason “Hazzajob??” Dunn
Craig “Bulla Bulla Choker” Dunn
“Slow” Joe Fisher
Erich “Albert” Friess
Leigh “Feisty” Fyfe
James “Wendy” Goulstone
Steve “Cuzzy Bro” Gray
Kane “Cl!t” Hancy
Fraser “Frugal” Jamieson
Andy “Willie’s Mate” Kelman
Mike “Kingster” King
“Wee” Willie Lapthorn
Simon “Splinter” Litster
Lance “Two Holes” MacDonald
Maui “Apocalypto” Magele
Jimmy “Nightmaher” Maher
Ian “Gingernuts” Miller
Colin “Zoo” Naughton
Ryan “Shotgun” Rogers
Simon “Ex Dictatore” Ryan
Dean “Fish” Stallard
Jaram “Fag” Welsh
Will “Virgin” Whetstone

Bangkok 10’s 2008

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Pool Match 1: YCAC 12 Red Dot Rebels 7

Tries: Dougal Robertson, Matt Creagh, conversion: Matt Creagh

This was a very good win against a young, fit and well organized team. The Red Dots Rebels, hailing from Singapore and reportedly with a couple of Singapore Internationals in their squad, scored first, but the boys in blue managed to hit back with a try to Dougal ‘Elvis’ Robertson in the first half. Matt ‘[Unprintable Tour Nickname]’ Creagh then scored the match-winner in the second half. The Red Dot Rebels went on to be Plate semi-finalists and astound the YCAC by continuing their punishing 30-minute warm-up routine before each match.

Pool Match 2: YCAC 22 Bangkok Japanese RFC 10

Tries: Dom Townsend, Dougal Robertson, Al Ferris, Sias Potgieter, conversion: Matt Creagh

The Bangkok Japanese were not an overly strong team and YCAC took full advantage by putting the match beyond doubt fairly quickly and then taking the opportunity to give all of the reserves a run. The YCAC front row of Sias ‘Big Sambo’ Potgieter, Gavin ‘Little Sambo’ Moolman and Joe ‘Altar Boy’ Fisher completely dominated the opposition’s scrums and the resulting weight of possession was duly exploited with tries to Dom ‘Wendy’ Townsend, Dougal, ‘Mohammed’ Al Ferris, and Sias. It is worth noting that Sias scored his try in his now customary position on the wing.

Pool Match 3: YCAC 15 The Southerners 21

Tries: Dom Townsend (2), Dougal Robertson

The Southerners are an ex-pat team based in Bangkok. They take this tournament seriously and always have big squad available. They had also won their first two games so the winner of this clash would top the pool. The Southerners scored the opening try of the match but YCAC hit back with tries to Dom (2) and Dougal. However, the Southerners hung in their and managed to drag the score back to 15 – 14. Then, in the last play of the game a ricocheted kick enabled the Southerners to make a break. An excellent chase by Al dragged the Southerners attacker down just short of the line, but with two more Southerners in support Al was forced to kill the ball to stop a certain score. The referee did not take kindly to this and awarded the opposition a penalty try. Despite the heart-breaking finish, this was a very enjoyable match and the fact that the Southerners went on to meet (and lose to) the Jam Boys, Bobby Skinstad’s team and the eventual winners of the tournament, in the quarter-finals of the Cup meant that the loss had no real ramifications in terms of our progression through the tournament.


Cup ‘Round of 16’ Match: YCAC 20 Nippon Oval Boys 7

Tries: Dom Townsend, Jason Dunn, Willie Lapthorn (2)

The toughest aspect of this match, by far, was that it kicked off at 9 am in the morning. However, in a remarkable display of commitment we actually managed to get our full playing squad, bar one, to the ground on time. (The only player not present was James ‘Windmill’ Brooks, who in fact failed to show at all on Sunday.) Once the game kicked off it was pretty much one-way traffic, despite a number of the YCAC squad being in less than ideal shape. Indeed, it was actually two of the players in the worst shape that scored most of the tries – Dom and Willie ‘Mini Me’ Lapthorn. Dom scored an excellent try and Willie got two – the same number of hours sleep he’d had the night before! In James’ absence, Jason ‘[Unprintable Tour Nickname]’ Dunn came off the injured list and managed to round out the scoring by charging through a couple of defenders for a try.

Cup Quarter-Final Match: YCAC 0 Thai Barbarians

Coming up against a very good Thai Barbarians side this match was unfortunately the end of the road for YCAC. The first half was relatively even and for a couple of minutes YCAC even looked to have the ascendancy. However, the opposition (essentially the Thai national 7’s team) proved to be too fast and well organized for the tiring YCAC lads. When it became clear that the game was lost, tour manager Fraser ‘[Unprintable Tour Nickname]’ Jamieson decided to get all of the reserves on the field for one last hit-out. 

FOOTNOTE: The Thai Barbarians went on to lose in the Cup semi-finals to Michael ‘Griffo’ Griffin’s team the Beersheba Black Sheep in what was probably the match of the tournament. Mike’s team then lost a close final to the Jam Boys. In an illustration of the strength of the tournament the Cup final contained five past internationals – Bobby Skinstad (Jam Boys, South Africa); Robbie Fleck (Jam Boys, South Africa); Willie Lose (Jam Boys, Tonga); Warwick Waugh (Beersheba Black Sheep, Australia); David Fitter (Beersheba Black Sheep, Australia).


Simon Ryan, Ken Rudkin, Terry Dixon, Erich Friess, Bill Law, Eparama Tuibenau, Will Thompson, Fraser Jamieson, Al Ferris, Jason Dunn, Gavin Moolman, Steve Thompson, Dom Townsend, Joe Fisher, Willie Lapthorn, Matt Creagh, James Brooks, Sias Potgieter, Mike King, Dougal Robertson, Nick James, Matthew Vignaud

Summer 2003 – Australia & New Zealand

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The committee, always working for the best interests of the club, went on a fact-finding mission to Oz & NZ, only to find England were on tour there. The lads took in a game and a visit to Rhino’s favourite kiwi leisure centre.



The club president wasted no time in hooking up with a local lovely, while the Vicar (as usual) had to work a little harder for a date.



May 2002 – Cuba & Mexico

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A fine time had by all, except Skids – the tour wanker. Fidel has asked us not to come back. Ever. Terry caught a nasty case of crabs, but that’s nothing compared to what Skids ended up with, while Arthur pulled himself two beauties and one ugly shocker.




Nov 2001 – Shanghai

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We took a relatively strong team, captained by the Supreme Splinter, Simon Litster, on the Vicar’s 40th birthday tour. YCAC dominated in the forwards but were taken apart by the Hairy Crabs’ flying kiwi winger and ended up on the losing side. Off the field, another roaring success, although Craig & Renaud both failed to get on the scoresheet despite promising starts.



May 2001 – Sri Lanka & Maldives

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Rugby played a limited part in this tour, but not as small a part as our “host” – Kieran, YCAC old boy & Sri Lanka resident, who failed to appear at all.

November 2000 – Bangkok

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This trip was part of an Interport fixture with the incredibly hospitable Royal Sporting Club of Bangkok. Not content with taking on just one club, though, the rugby section played a combined RSC/British Club side and still came out on top – the only YCAC section (out of five) to win on the tour. Rhino was top scorer on the field (two tries and a match-winning conversion) and a star performer off it. A special mention to Garlo too, who sacrificed his nose and his modelling career making a superb try- (and match-) saving tackle.

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