6 Nov – YCAC Gents XV 19, London Japanese 10 & YCAC First XV 26, Koryo 5

Tries: Ian Pulfords, Matt Dimond, Stu Denton. Conv Fraser Jamieson (2)

Was the YCAC Fixture Secretary intent on making a profound geo-political statement when pairing the Gents with the much-travelled London Japanese on the very day that the Firsts played the passportless North Koreans of Koryo? What was for sure was that Terry Dixon was making a sexo-political statement of his own by inviting a Japanese girlie to watch him play against London Japanese and a Korean girlie to watch him play against Koryo. Our Tel sneaked off to the changing rooms at half-time of the Gents game and returned claiming he had just “pulled”. But the solitary nature of his “pulling” soon became clear when he departed from the first team game after 10 minutes with temporary blindness.
The Gents have a reputation for being slow starters and so it proved on Sunday as London Japanese took a 5-0 lead early on. But with Big Ben Kiggell ruling the line-out and orchestrating set piece moves, the Gents were soon back on terms as Ian Pulford collected a Ben Kiggell pass off the top to storm over round the front of the line-out. Soon after, Matt “Two Bellies” Dimond smashed his way between the posts with Fraser converting and the juggernaut was gaining momentum. All was set for a hugely entertaining feast of rugby when the rains set in and both teams reverted to an English style of game. In fact, the London Japanese were all too English : whinging and moaning at every opportunity in pucker British accents : “I say referee, that chappie used the F word”. Fortunately, Stu Denton put them back in their box with a bone-crunching run from 20 metres and their only response was a late try by ex-YCAC member Taka.
Special mention for the 23 year old international who played for the Gents. Unfortunately, not an All Black or Kiwi, but representing Sri Lanka at rugby still makes you an international…..

Several guys played more than one game and proved to be match winners in both. Al, Matt, Ian (x2), Terry, Brookey, Lyndon, Stu (playing with one arm) plus our new Sri Lankan recruit all fronted up twice. We ended up with a 26-5 win over Koryo in a match that turned into a mud bath as the heavens opened up. Fraser and Justin were also there if need be although they looked very comfortable cuddled up beside each other under one umbrella in the monsoon rain. After a shaky start the forward pack pulled it together and needed to do so in the wet conditions. The anchor man Brookey was there to steady the scrums and Sias was there (physically but mentally he was still mostly somewhere in Roppongi) to upset the Koryo line out and drive, which was looking dangerous early on. Play of the day was from a scrum 30 metres out from the Koryo line. Lyndon broke right off the scrum from No. 8 looking to pass to Dougal who was eager for another burst down the blind side. However, Lyndon flicked a superb ball round his back to matt Creagh at first five, who ran through a massive hole he predicted would be there between the remnants of the scrum and the players marking the blind. With one man to beat Matt offloaded to the polished finisher Matt “Rico Gear (also sometimes known as Two Bellys)” Dimond. Player of the day was the ever reliable Brookey, who sneaked off just before he was called up to do his obligatory drink… once again Matt Dimond stepped up and did what was required.


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