5 Dec 2010 – YCAC vs Zenkai Beers

YCAC Gents vs Zenkai Beers
Match report by Michael Hunt and photos by Kyoko Obayashi

Hi Lads,

It’s me Mike. As you’ve probably noticed I have a multiple personality disorder – some weeks I possess a brilliant literary gift and am genuinely worth reading. This week, however, I’ve been invaded by an inbred hillbilly…

On a perfect fall day YCAC Gents kicked off against ZenkaiBeers. Zenkai Beers is a great team to play against. They are one of the only teams in Japan who we play that understand that rugby is truly a social game. They play a fast open style of rugby and enjoy the fun and friendship of a post-game drink up. The game started off with the Beers scoring a try in the far corner on a well- executed play by them. It would have been helpful if a tackle was made but that rugby skill was a bit optional and became non-existent towards the end of this high scoring game with a total of 107 points. Trys were traded back and forth in the first half with good rugby being played by all. In particular Bill Baker once again was running solid lines and was getting phenomenal ball by Ben Duncan. A new addition to YCAC Nick from Bristol, though he also played in West London ran great as the other center and the two centers scored several tries. (Nick scoring from forty meters out). Zenki Beers had their heads up and liked their chances going into the second half being down by five the score at 15-10.
​Ben “Sly Fox” Duncan had another plan. Ben sent his pack right on the starting kick off and lined up Brimman and his centers on the left, with a beautiful surprise drop kick to the left side that went exactly ten meters Brimman got underneath and wove between the surprised back line off—loading the ball to one of the numerous backs or was it Ben who scored just to the left of the post. Zenki did not realize that man who got the kick off was actually a flanker because on the ensuing kickoff the ball went straight back to Brimman who ran sixty meters through the defense and off loaded to Duncan who scored. The floodgates were opened the Beers went flat and trys were in abundance. Arnaud “I have been working out so I can wear my European swimsuit” had beautiful runs and would have had even more trys if he would not knock on the ball two meters from the line. Sam “I’m so fertile my daughter will be born in eight months not nine” Stephens had a great game playing like a true team member he hit rucks, stole line-outs and scored two trys. Another impressive performance was put in by PropYuske who looked like the Tasmanian Devil and was everywhere on the field. He man handled the largest breastedtight head prop in the scrums. On flanker was young journeyman Tomo who has been a stalwart for the gents this season willing to play anywhere that is needed. Tomo made some excellent tackles and ran well. The game’s true star though was the birthday boy JD who like always did not do much except on several occasions was seen with his hands down his pants. Perplexed by such strange behavior I directed my query to his brother Chugger who told me that for his present he finally received the transgender operation he always wanted and much like breast implants they must be continually massaged in order to get feeling.
Although turnout from YCAC was low the 16 players that showed up for the game did YCAC proud. Zenkai Beers are a great opponent and wonderful drinkers. They had smiles afterward and entertained us with their version of the shirtlessHakka. I can only hope that as the rugby year progress more players and members will join us for beers and do not feel they have to run off directly after the game. We are a club and should enjoy one another’s company in the clubhouse. In the future those that are up for we will be bowling in YCAC lanes which are free for members after the man of the Match awards. Be proud of your rugby club and remember the man who is willing to shed his blood for you on the field should be worthy enough to have a beer and laugh with after the game. Let us make a great showing this weekend for the final.


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