4 Sept 2010 – YCAC vs Korea University

Match report by Hunter Hemingway and photos by Kyoko Obayashi
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YCAC 19, Korea University 12 (HT: 12-0)
Tries: Tim Le Nevez, Dougal Robertson, Mike Griffin
Conversions: Noah Pflaum (2)

On a warm, humid evening down in Yokohama, YCAC began their rugby season in what is beginning to become a common theme. Winning.

The opponents, Korean University, had built up quite a reputation for themselves, some saying equivalent to the standards of the 2nd and 3rd teams of Keio University. I’m not sure if this helped or not, but YCAC certainly arrived pumped and ready for their first friendly match of the season. “This match is important and will set the tone for the upcoming East Japan tournament” said captain “Slow” Joe Fisher.

Before the match kicked off, a strong YCAC 1st team stood tall for a minute silence in honour and respect for the late ex-captain Terry Dixon. As soon as the whistle was blown, the game quickly took shape. The forwards should be acknowledged and complemented for their fierce rucking and strong defence which set up a penalty opportunity within the Korean University’s half. Tim “Silent Assassin #1” Le Nevez decided to take a quick tap and sprinted over the line to score the first points of the game. “Slow” Joe Fisher felt a little left out and wanted some sort of involvement in the try and claimed “I think I deceived them with my call to say ‘slow it down, slow it down’.” mmm …

One should note that that YCAC hadn’t played together as a team since winning the Kanagawa League 1st Division back in late June. Usually 2 months off in Tokyo would result in plumper, slower, and more lethargic looking players. However, a surprising but impressive aspect of the game was the fitness level of the YCAC players. Rarely did Korean University break a tackle, rarely did YCAC drop a ball and rarely do we see such smooth crisp passes as came from the YCAC backline! Speaking of smooth, off the pitch, rarely do we all see such smooth legs on a man! Yes, our regular sideline supporter, Jimmy “Aerodynamic” Maher had the cheek to try and defend himself from Dean “Pods” Stallard and Aran “Two Inches” Delaney for shaving his legs. I now believe he will be selling, alongside his samurai rugby kit, various types of leg razors “for that closer shave”.

The first half finished off with a perfectly timed try by Dougal “The White Serevi” Robertson. Tony “Big Daddy” Baildon made a nice break from a 5m scrum and offloaded to the White Serevi who ran over the try line to increase the points difference going into the second half.

Despite a 12-0 lead it has to be said that Korean University put up a strong first half performance and certainly were not leaving without a fight. With this, showing the depth of their squad, the second half saw a complete transformation of their team with a brand new set of players. (If only we had such a luxury for the 26th of December, the date for the promotion match to the National Championship league!) However, although Korean University had fresh legs, YCAC never looked worried. A strong performance from Man of the Match Mike “Hurricane” Griffin certainly stopped the University’s running play with ferocious tackles and strong runs. His dedication in chasing after a perfectly timed chip from “Big” Ben Patu paid off with a nice bounce allowing him to sprint 40 metres to cross over the line to put the latch on the match.

Hunter Hemingway

Team Sheet

1. Daisuke “Silent Assassin #2” Okada
2. Dean “Pods” Stallard
3. Yoshio “Air Max” Naiki
4. Sias “Potheater” Potgieter
5. Aran “Two Inches” Delaney
6. “Slow” Joe Fisher (c)
7. Kenji “Red Gloves Watermelon” Yoshioka
8. Steve “Big Daddy Big Cuzzy Bro” Gray
9. Dougal “The White Serevi” Robertson
10. “Big” Ben Patu
11. “Wee” Willie Lapthorn
12. Tim “Silent Assassin #1” Le Nevez
13. Mike “Hurricane” Griffin
14. Tristan “Crossfit” Fahy
15. Noah “MVP” Pflaum
16. Yusuke “Reno’s Keio Project” Hata
17. Sam “Tall Timber” Stephens
18. Tony “Big Daddy” Baildon
19. Aminasi “Mini” Momo
20. Charlie “Knowledge is Power” Caskey
21. Arnaud “Mature” Terrien


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