4 Mar – YCAC 90, KRAC 0

In a first for the long running fixture between YCAC and KRAC, the squad flew down to Kobe – the trip was uneventful with just the usual antics . . . Terry latched on to one of the airline hostesses, Rhino fined those who did not indulge him enough, and while everyone else mentally prepared themselves for the game, The King reminisced on his tours to Tottori and Bangkok and quietly prepared himself for another bender.
In the past it has been the weather, the pitch and the opposition that has challenged us down in Kobe. Fortunately spring was in the air down South this time, which offered the possibility of an expansive YCAC game, especially with a handy backline of Creagh, Miller, Patu, Duncan, Magele, and Ashley waiting to be unleashed. The width of the pitch also offered the potential of a running game but the condition of the field was as many of us remembered from previous trips ªEsomething resembling damp sandpaper on top a block of wood. However, as promised President Ryan had managed to obtain sets of new and improved Argentinean body armor to protect the knees and elbows from infectious open wounds. With both the challenge of the weather and the ground minimized it was up to KRAC to provide some kind of challenge. The YCAC win of the toss was the first blow to their aspirations, and it seemed they never quite recovered.
After the kick-off it took a few minutes of sustained pressure down in the KRAC half for the first try to come when Maui picked the ball off the deck out wide and scooted in to the right hand corner around the defense. Benny Patu missed the conversion, which unfortunately set the standard for conversion kicks for the rest of the match. While the conversion kicking was not very successful Matt Creagh/Rogers continually put the boot into the opposition with a number of long punts into touch to keep YCAC on the front foot. The strong kicking down the right hand side of the pitch was supported by some good forward work and the resulting set and phase ball led to a number of YCAC tries in both the forwards and backs. KRAC efforts to kill the ball by diving over the tackled YCAC player were dealt with by Sias with his size 17s and Kieran’s trampolining, and only after that by the ref who nullified any influence KRAC may have been having on the game.
The second half started in much the same manner as the first half. YCAC kicked off and with Sias and Luke bearing down on them the KRAC forwards coughed up the ball and gave YCAC another attacking chance in the first minute. If the team didn’t score off that set play it did soon after and the flood gates, which had been temporarily shut at half time, were back open. With 20 minutes to go wholesale changes were made to the backline and a few players were replaced in the forwards. The pace of scoring did not let up and the reserves carved up the remnants of the Kobe beef with Al “Rabbit” Ferris and Fraser “Dummy with the Hands, Cut Inside” Jamieson scoring a couple of well deserved tries after nice breaks. It was a great team effort through the whole game and while KRAC were weaker then teams they have had in the past YCAC played fats & well for most of the game, much to the delight of Scott Sizemore, our “experienced” front rower. Unfortunately Scott was not around to accept his MOM award after his rock solid performance up front with Terry and Daisuke and although concerns were raised that he may not have survived the walk back to the hotel, it turns out he had avoided his obligatory MOM drink by sneaking the first train home.
Mike King was elected to lift the massive winners shield at the end of the sports dinner (this time the stumbling around was only partly alcohol related) and did so with the determination and desire that was shown by the squad on the pitch and on various Kobe city dance floors as the night progressed.
Try scorers: Everyone except Rhino.


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