3 Apr 2010 – ROW vs Europe

Match report by Dean Stallard
Match photos by Kyoko Obayashi
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ROW 49, Europe 10 (HT 17-5)

Just like the YCAC sevens team the ROW were looking to continue their recent domination of there European counter parts. With the ROW pulling off some sly trickery last year they expected a full out assault from the hurting Europeans. In the lead up to the match the white flag from the Europeans seemed to be waving high, with the ROW organizes Dean (more injuries the Johnny W) Stallard and Erich (Oh Jesus I just spewed on myself) Friess very suspicious they weren’t giving anything away. The highlight of this was when Euro Captain Tristan (everything isnt fair) Fahy claimed that Aran (Pee in a bag) Delaney was Irish through a great grandparent.

Unfortunately Tristan lived up to the Irish reputation of being slightly clueless and with a quick research of the Irish Government website the following information came to light –

“Unless at least one parent or grandparent was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth, you cannot claim Irish citizenship on the basis of extended previous ancestry (that is, ancestors other than your parents or grandparents). In addition, you cannot claim Irish citizenship on the basis that relation such as a cousin, aunt or uncle was an Irish citizen if none of your parents or grandparents was an Irish citizen at the time of your birth.”

Funnily enough after sending this email we never heard another word on Aran, the final straw for the Euro side came when the usual and beloved ROW v Euro referee Steve (Fairest referee in town) Lewis was suddenly called away to India for rugby duties. With the game in danger of collapsing due the Euro being able to organise sufficient numbers it was agreed the generous ROW would help them out by lending a few players on the day.

On the day of the match the teams were sorted after a group warm up and the debut referee Tommy (normally cant see much) called the two captains. Before this he had a quick conversation with Dean (more injuries the Johnny W) Stallard and then Tommy yelled for the ROW captain turned and yelled “Scum Captain please” I have no idea where he got this from. The match was much tougher than anticipated led by the fiery Euro stalwart Fraser (Has more holidays than the Queen) Jamieson, the ROW taking a narrow 17-5 lead at Half time. The lead was quickly slashed with Arnaud (Grand Slam) Terrien finishing off a well worked try in the right hand corner – for a slight moment and only slight the Euro’s could smell a major upset brewing.

Unfortunately for them from the try restart the ROW re-gathered and proceeded to blow them off the park, some great tries were scored with Griffo (I didn’t do it) Griffin exacting revenge on a late hit by Fraser (Has more holidays than the Queen) Jamieson by running right at him and with the slightest move to the right out pacing a red face Fraser and putting Dixie under the posts. Surprisingly enough Tommy (cant normally see) did a very good job and the ROW will admit they hope next year Steve (fairest referee in town) Lewis gets called away suddenly again. No team had completed the Panty Shield hatrick until the ROW team of 2010, all the boys gathered for the presentations a few beers had before all heading in to Andy’s on the train.

For the sake of the Euro’s the ROW hope in the next 12 months they can produce some quality players for the YCAC that they can use at next years Panty Shield! Until then they will have to live with the taste of defeat and knowing that next year we will be looking to win for the fourth year in a ROW!!!!




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