27 Jan 2008 – YCAC Gents vs Gentle Giants | YCAC Firsts vs Tokyo Gaijin

YCAC Gents 27, Gentle Giants 22 (HT 12-10), YCAC Firsts 14, Tokyo Gaijin 8 (HT 7-3)
Gents Match Report – Steve Lewis, 1sts Match Report – Joe Fisher
Photographer – Kyoko Obayashi

YCAC Gents
Tries: Joe Fisher, Fraser Jamieson, Simon Ryan, Steve Gray
Cons: Fraser, Matt Dimond
Penalty: Matt Dimond

Facing a side that had not only beaten the Crusaders but also contrived to throw them out of the Shuto League, the Gents knew that the Gentle Giants were going to be anything but gentle. Pre-match preparations were disrupted with Tristan failing to turn up due to the previous evening’s drinking session with Kyoko in Roppongi. Before any of you conjure up a mental image of Kyoko breast-feeding The Vicar’s infant son at the bar in Paddy Foley’s, we are in fact talking about Tristan “I Can’t Make Up My Mind Whether To Play For YCAC Or Crusaders Next Week: Can’t I Play For Both At The Same Time?” Fahy, our ex-Ireland Schoolboys fly half. Within 60 seconds of kick-off, the Gentle Giants lived up to their reputation and scored a pacey try in the corner notwithstanding a despairing dive by Dougal Robertson. It is not like Dougal to miss tackles so how can it be explained? Was it Agrophobia from all those wide open spaces at full back (as we know the wee man prefers to be hemmed in by those big hairy forwards)? Was he pondering how to spend all those billions of dollars that his froggie derivatives trader fiancé had creamed off from SocGen? Or was he simply adjusting his stylish new head gear? Whatever the reason, the Big Names weren’t performing. But if you want a Big Player to fill the void, they don’t come bigger than Fraser “Buffalo Bum” Jamieson. Taking over the mantle of Gents’ skipper, Fraser put in a tremendous performance that was perfect in all respects from winning the toss, kicking for touch, distributing to his backs, making breaks and topping it off with a magnificent solo try. Fraser’s try and Joe Fisher’s earlier barn-storming effort secured a 12-10 half-time lead for the Gents. But then disaster as Fraser fell victim to the Gents’ equivalent of the BSE crisis and succumbed to the fourth “hammy” injury suffered by Gents players within two weeks. Fortunately for the Gents, Simon “The Legend of Yamate” Ryan was warming up on the sideline in preparation for his three minute try-scoring and match-winning cameo for the Firsts (followed, of course, by the inevitable “hammy” injury). By shear strength of character and oodles of talent, Simon darted over the line to put the Gents in the driving seat. But these Gentle Giants were not to be dwarfed and came back with a couple of tries of their own to regain the lead. With three minutes remaining, Steve Gray blasted over from a 5 metre penalty and Matt Dimond popped over a 40 metre penalty to put the result beyond doubt.

Special mentions to Nike who was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar and Aaron who soared in the line-out. Special mentions also to six of the First Team who demonstrated fantastic Club Spirit in playing for the Gents before the First Team game to ensure that the 100% winning record remains intact prior to next week’s show-down with the Crusaders.

The Vicar

YCAC Firsts
Tries: Alex Curran, Simon “The Legend of Yamate” Ryan
Cons: Ben Duncan (2)

The last time these two teams met, the 1sts unsettled the Tokyo Gaijin early and ran out as easy winners (39-3). This time around the opposite occurred and a committed Gaijin side pushed the 1sts right to their limits at Yamate Oval.

With a number of 1sts players ‘doubling up’ for the Gents, build-up was again disrupted. Alex ‘Yes Sir’ Curran opened the 1sts account relatively early in the first half and for a while there was hope that the Tokyo Gaijin would fold and the 1sts would run out easy winners. Unfortunately, the effect of no meaningful preparation finally told in this match with the 1sts set pieces turning south at about the 15 minute mark.

In addition to a tough ride in the set pieces, the 1sts met up with a referee whose interpretation of the breakdown differed considerably from their own. All of this added up to a mountain of possession for the Tokyo Gaijin and a huge defensive effort from the boys in blue. Every player stood up defensively, but perhaps none more so than midfielders Mike ‘Griffo’ Griffin and Tristan ‘Mother’s Milk’ Fahy.

With the match locked at 7-3 with 10 minutes to go it seemed clear that whoever scored next was going to win. It was at this point that El Presidente, Simon “The Legend of Yamate” Ryan, subbed himself on. In true Boys Own fashion he managed to get his hands on the ball in open space during a rare foray into the opposition half and race 40 meters (with a torn hammy) to score the match-winning try for the 1sts a remarkable 20 years after he made his debut for YCAC.

Indeed, it was a fine day all-round for the Ryan clan with the Man of the Match award going to El President’s nephew, Willie ‘Coals to Newcastle’ Lapthorn. On a windy day and up against an opposition No. 10 with a penchant for Gary Owen’s, Lapthorn was sound as a pound at fullback all match. It is obvious that some of the Legend of Yamate’s DNA has carried through to his nephew, at least with regards to rugby. Unfortunately, in other areas some of the famous Ryan traits seem to have skipped a generation, as Willie’s nickname reveals. It was a disgusted El Presidente who discovered that Lapthorn had managed to hook up with a Kiwi girlfriend in the three month interval between accepting a job as Second Altar Boy to The Vicar (‘Slow’ Joe Fisher occupying the number one spot) and arriving in Japan, thus taking himself out of the market and spoiling all of Rhino’s plans to live vicariously through his nephew. In frustration a new nickname was born through the explanation to Willie that bringing a girlfriend to Japan is like “bringing coal to Newcastle”.

Joe Fisher


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