24 Apr 2010 – YCAC vs Singapore Cricket Club

Match report by Hunter Hemingway and photos by Kyoko Obayashi
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YCAC 12, Singapore Cricket Club 31 (HT: 5-12)
Tries: Sam Stephens, Ben Patu
Conversion: Ben Patu

“I didn’t think YCAC ever lost.”


Wouldn’t that be nice! And, in fact, the YCAC 1sts haven’t lost a match since Tristan’s Disciple No. 3* joined us at the start of 2010. Mercifully defeats have been few and far between for the YCAC 1sts this season and you have to go back to 3 November 2009 for the last one (against Keio University). However, we definitely deserved to lose this game – we scored the first and last try of the match but the middle was all the SCC.

The SCC brought an impressive sized touring party to Japan, about 40 players in total, and were similar to YCAC in the diversity of backgrounds of their members. In amongst the normal host of Kiwis, Aussies and Brits were several Singapore internationals (including one who played for the SCC B team), a Cyprus international and the current Swiss national team captain.

YCAC were hoping that the rigours of touring may soften the SCC somewhat but unfortunately, despite undergoing what was by all accounts a ‘punishing’ social schedule, they turned up ready to play and freshened up by the conditions. (The SCC have unanimously decided that the ideal temperature for rugby is 15 – 20 degrees with no humidity.) Despite this, YCAC did manage the first try of the game after veteran lock David “The Goliath” Dix made an excellent break in his own half and wisely fed the ball to youngster Sam “Tall Timber” Stevens who outsprinted the cover defence to dot down in the corner. This was an especially opportune score for young Stevens as he had brought his new girlfriend along to YCAC for the first time and this effort surely must have impressed her. The only disappointing aspect of the whole affair was that the new Mrs. Stevens had brought along a friend who was very keen to meet ‘a foreign guy’ (any foreign guy?) and she left single-handed. Rhino and Fraser were suitably disgusted.

The SCC then dominated the middle stages of the game, scoring 31 unanswered points and showing the advantages of practising twice a week and playing regularly against opponents of a similar size and mindset. However, YCAC did have the last word in the match when fly-half “Big” Ben Patu powered his way over from close to the line to ensure that the home team finished the match with at least a little respectability. Rhino then made sure that we came away with at least one victory for the day by giving Patu a ‘home team’ pour in the MVP drink-off which enabled the big Samoan to comfortably out-skull SCC MVP (and former YCAC player) Matt “Magpie” Head.

Hunter Hemingway

* Tristan’s Disciple No. 1: Andy “The Topless Greeter” Kennedy (Note: Not to be confused with Adam “The Portly Winger” Kennedy who is actually Tristan’s boss.)

Tristan’s Disciple No. 2: Noah “The Bottomless Fareweller” Pflaum

Team Sheet

1. Erich “The Puppet-Master” Friess (USA)
2. Daisuke “Silent Assassin” Okada (Japan)
3. Leopold “Oz” Visser (South Africa)
4. Stephen “Hang Time” Marcon (England)
5. David “The Goliath” Dix (Australia)
6. Sam “Tall Timber” Stephens (New Zealand)
7. “Slow” Joe Fisher (New Zealand) (c)
8. Steve “Wall Street” Gray (New Zealand)
9. “Wee” Willie Lapthorn (New Zealand)
10. “Big” Ben Patu (Samoa)
11. Kenji “Red Gloves Watermelon” Yoshioka (Japan)
12. Mike “Hurricane” Griffin (Australia)
13. Tristan “Don’t mention the Panty Shield” Fahy (Ireland) (vc)
14. Rich “MIA” Watkins (England)
15. Ben “Mellow Fox” Duncan (England)
16. Rafi “Ghengis” Khan (USA)
17. Taichi “Posh Spice Junior” Noda (Japan)
18. Conor “Tristan’s Disciple No. 2” O’Shea (Ireland)
19. Arnaud “Mature Big Daddy” Terrien (France)
20. “Kill” Bill Baker (USA)


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