2008 Gareth MacFadyen Cup

YCAC 53 vs Tokyo Crusaders 7 (HT: 24 – 0)
Go Ito, Kane Hancy, Ryan Rogers (3), Grant Thompson, Sias Potgieter, Will Whetstone (2)
Conversions: Ben Duncan (2), Ryan Rogers (2)

After a heart-breaking one-point loss in the 2007 GM Cup match YCAC were determined to win the 2008 fixture and regain the trophy. As the score sheet above shows, in the final result we exceeded our aims by not only winning but doing so by a record margin.

The Tokyo Crusaders made an impressive start to the day by turning up in huge numbers, going through a very thorough warm-up, and putting up a very good fight in the 2nd XV match (although, of course, the mighty YCAC Gents managed to close the game out for a well deserved victory). All of this Crusaders club spirit was a huge contrast to last year’s fixture where a number of Cru players were required to play in both games because they couldn’t get 30 players together. However, on the day, all of this excellent preparation ended up counting for nothing against a fired-up YCAC team.

After the match the Cru made it sound like the reason for their defeat was solely due to one YCAC player – Ryan “Rising Sun” Rogers. Ryan is the latest member of the “Adrian Bell Rugby Academy” and comes to YCAC having previously played Super League rugby in the US (for Old Blue) and professional rugby league (NRL) in Australia (for the St. George Illawarra Dragons) and the Cru line of argument is not without justification. Playing at outside center, Rogers was clearly the outstanding player on the field, consistently ripping through the Cru backline with his combination of extreme pace and a sledgehammer fend, scoring three tries for himself in the process and setting up numerous other YCAC attacks.

However, by placing defeat solely at the hands of Ryan Rogers the Cru does a disservice to the excellent efforts if the other YCAC players. The forwards did a sterling job in the set pieces by securing ball for their backline and disrupting the opposition ball. In this regard, Erich “Freezer” Friess had another great day in the scrums and Stephen “Hang Time” Marcon was dominant in the line-outs. Both Freezer and Stephen are veterans are more rugby seasons than they probably care to remember and living proof of one of rugby’s oldest clichés that “tight forwards don’t mature until their mid-30’s”. (Actually, in terms of sexual maturity Freezer’s wife informs me that she is still waiting, but I suppose that is neither here nor there for this report.)

In addition to the excellent platform laid by the forwards, the backline made full use of possession to terrorize the Cru backline for the full duration of the match. Kane “The Hobgoblin” Hancy was a leader in this regard – he didn’t even have to do anything, the Cru were terrified just by looking at him. Rightly so too, a midget with a gaping cut in his forehead in enough to frighten any sane person. However, when you find out that this midget is actually has a background of professional rugby in NZ (Counties Manakau 15’s + 7’s and NZ 7’s squad member) and that you have to play against him then the fear only increases …

A final mention should go to flanker Will “Crowbar” Whetstone who finished the game off for YCAC with a brace of scores and increased his tally to a remarkable 14 tries from 7 games for the club. Will was initially nick-named “Choir Boy” to reflect both his status in the Herbert Lewis empire and his clean-living lifestyle. However, now that we’ve got to know him a bit better his nickname has been changed to reflect the implement that is required to get him to release the rugby ball once he has it tucked under his arm!

Slow Joe


Monday 24 November – Kanagawa League 3rd Division Pool Match
YCAC 57 Pink Elephants 0
Kane Hancy (3), Will Whetstone (3), Daisuke Okada, Fraser Jamieson, Ian Miller
Conversions: Grant Thompson (3), Will Whetstone, Fraser Jamieson, Ian Miller
(Match called off after 30 minutes due to referee having concerns about the safety of the other side.)

Saturday 29 November – Gareth MacFadyen Cup Day
YCAC Gents 24 Tokyo Crusaders 2XV 15 (HT: 5-7)
James Brooks (2), Hayato Hijikata, Fraser Jamieson
Conversions: Richard Watkins (2)

Sunday 7 December – Kanagawa League 3rd Division Semi-Final
YCAC Gents 39 Yumuri Club 5 (HT: 22-5)
Arnaud Terrien (2), Grant Thompson, Kane Hancy, Will Whetstone, Kenji Yoshioka, Jason Dunn.
Conversions: Kane Hancy, Dean Stallard


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