20 Sep 2010 – YCAC vs Narita Chaozu
(East Japan Club Championships – 2nd Round)

Match report by Dean Stallard and photos by Kyoko Obayashi
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YCAC 45, Narita Chaozu 7 (HT: 19-0)
Tries: Willie Lapthorn (3), Dougal Robertson, Jonny Paine (2), Dean Stallard
Conversions: Ben Patu (2), Tim Le Nevez (3)

One must think about the time that was picked for our Round of 32 match, 12.45pm over 30 degrees and it felt like 200% humidity. Upon arrival to Ueno station I could smell the fear coming off Captain Joe as soon as I stepped off the train, this was not fear of the upcoming opposition but that there was a number of Kiwis in our team and we all know how unreliable they can be. To Joe’s surprise everyone made it on time even though it felt like a 7 hour commute and no-one seemed to be nursing the usual hangover. President Reno did a fantastic job organizing as did his array of helpers, although I was slightly uncomfortable with Ken (Team Man) Noguchi continually staring at Natsume (Ball Shagger) Saito.

A warm up wasn’t really necessary as the moment we walked outside the changing rooms everyone broke into a sweat, Captain Joe recognized this and accordingly down graded his normal pre match session. From the first kick off the team kicked into gear but Narita did a gallant job with desperate defence to deny the YCAC for the first 10 minutes or so. The forwards dominated from the outset with Jonny (Loves Large Birds) Paine making a notable impact, and with such a strong/stable platform it wasn’t long before the backs started to rip them apart.

Their number 12 was quite a good ball runner but as Brian (Much more skillful the Fahy) O’Driscoll found out on the lions tour of NZ, laughing at the opposition wasn’t the smartest move. Narita was starved of the ball but when Stevey (Joey screaming at you to stop running) Gray gave away a soft offside penalty they tried a backline move straight off the lineout. With tears in Steveys eyes he new he needed to make up for his previous indiscretion, the number 12 for Narita decided to run it back into the forwards to find himself completely leveled by a rampaging SG.

The points started to flow with Willie (Invisible Girlfriend) Lapthorn putting on a slick palm/in and away after a pass from Joe (Seagulling on the wing) Fisher, this was not long after Joe (Seagulling on the wing) Fisher decided to take a penalty right in front. Ben (Looking more like Stevey Grays size) Patu obviously missed this and from that point Captain Joe put the penalty taking idea away. After the big hits Narita were rattled and everytime they got the ball and even in a good attacking position they kicked it away, with so much ball the YCAC started to turn things on.

Kane (entering the hell they call marriage) Hancy showed although fresh from a month layoff holidaying in Croatia/Greece where he had proposed that he hadn’t lost any of his superb footwork. The tries kept coming with a couple more to Willie (Invisible Girlfriend) Lapthorn and Tim (so loud I can hardly hear myself) Le Nevez locking himself in as the goal kicker going forward. The number 12 decided to run it again to find himself faced with the decision “do I run into Dean (better option) Stallard or Ben (Looking more like Stevey Grays size) Patu?” unfortunately for him he chose the huge Samoan back and once again was completely leveled.

The forwards chipped with Jonny (Loves Large Birds) Paine scoring twice and Dean (better option) Stallard finishing off a well structured lineout/maul. With time running out Michael (almost as loud as Tim) Griffin opened up the Narita back line and Willie (Invisible Girlfriend) Lapthorn found himself ball in hand heading for his forth try. He was in a two on one situation with Fraser (Spitting image to Doddy) Jamieson on his outside but thankfully Willie decided to go himself and after he was pushed into touch he stated “I preferred to go into touch than letting Fraser score, we would never have heard the end of it”

Fulltime sounded and the YCAC had completed the perfect start while installing some concerns for the future opposition, as Joe (So happy he almost wet himself) Fisher said “if we can keep that level of performance going then any side that wants to knock us out is going to have to work very hard to do so”. Overall it was a very enjoyable game to play in and the team spirit is the best I have seen in the last 3 years, with this to build on I say bring on the round of 16…….


Team Sheet

1. Yoshio Naiki
2. Dean Stallard
3. Joe Fisher
4. Aran Delaney
5. Sias Potgieter
6. Brimman Frazer
7. Jonny Paine
8. Steve Gray
9. Dougal Robertson
10. Kane Hancy
11. Maui Magele
12. Tim Le Nevez
13. Mike Griffin
14. Willie Lapthorn
15. Ben Patu

16. Yusuke Hata
17. Leopold Visser
18. Morihito Takayanagi
19. Sam Stephens
20. Fraser Jamieson
21. Joe Naulu


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