2 Nov – YCAC Gents XV 15, Guam 12 & YCAC First XV 22, Japan Rugby Leaguers 26

History was made on Sunday when for the first time in 100 years the opposition fielded a female to play against the YCAC : a pretty blonde American playing at scrum-half for the Guam tourists. Some would see this as an opportunity to celebrate the pinnacle of gender equality. But one lust-crazed individual saw it as his opportunity to commit a heinous crime.
The pretty blonde American was a very talented player : on the verge of the US Women’s Rugby Squad and quite probably the most talented rugby player on the field. But no matter how talented a player, one will inevitably be tackled. And one expects that tackle to be around the ankles….or perhaps the shoulders. Or if one is playing against the French perhaps a grab of the testicles. But in none of the rugby text-books do we see any reference to the “breast-tackle”. Oh sly villain.
But enough of crimes and back to the game. YCAC scored three tries to Guam’s two. Susumu “Sumo” Nojima made a welcome return to prop and scored a Tom Smith-esque try after burrowing through a maul on Guam’s line. This was followed by a fine individual try by the outstanding Simon “Pooch Rabbit Hole” Ryan (yes, they have weird nicknames in New Zealand but how the hell has he kept that one quiet for 16 years?). Actually, probably by not inviting any of his mates in Japan to his Stag Night or Wedding so we could meet his friends and family. Are we still sore about that? Well yes, I guess we are actually…..And finally, an excellent flanker’s poacher try from the industrious Dai Okada. As the YCAC Gents tired and the referee became increasingly generous to the tourists, Guam managed to score a couple of tries in the last 5 minutes but the result was never in doubt. YCAC 15 – Guam 12.
Man of the Match was awarded by Captain Pooch Rabbit Hole to Go Kawai (who had not even played in the Gents game). Presumably, he meant to award it to Sumo Nojima for a first-class proping display, a try and an all-round superb performance in tight and loose.

History was repeated as the Japan Rugby League boys pipped us in a close match. The game was clearly a game of (and with) two halves- the YCAC having the majority of possession in the first half, and the League Boys having the majority of possession in the second. YCAC led 15-7 at half-time after three forward tries by Gareth Hayward, James Bohan-Bollox-Pitt and Go Kawai (I think). The tries were the result of our lineout dominance and the powerful jumping of Ben “Sugar Daddy” Kiggell and James “The Peacock” Rogers. The backline had some opportunities, however many were thwarted by rugby league tackling.
Every girl dreams of rings and necklaces from Tiffanys; our Tiffany has been seeing tries in his dreams and notched another in the second half to give the YCAC the lead. For those scoring at home, Tiffany has four tries in two matches. For those of you sports betting on the internet, Tiffany’s try meters are up to 18. Fraser has set the market a 29 for the season.
After being awarded their second controversial try, Dougal “Miracle Worker” Robertson returned to the YCAC field where he pulled so many games out of the fire in years gone by. Dougal (not concerned about testicular cancer) was pedaling up from Kobe and happened to be in the neighborhood. In the waning minutes, Doogs and Co. put in a couple of excellent late charges, but to no avail. We went down 26-22 and will have to wait till next year to even the score..


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