17 Feb 2008 – YCAC Gents vs Koganei | YCAC 1st vs Acorn

YCAC Gents 34, Koganei 24 (HT 24-5), YCAC 1st 50, Acorn 24 (HT 26-19)
Gents Match Report – Steve Lewis, 1sts Match Report – Joe Fisher
Photographer – Kyoko Obayashi

YCAC Gents
Tries: Willie Lapthorn, Matt Dimond, MIKE KING, Bryan Ryan (2), Tristan Fahy
Cons: Fraser Jamieson, Grant Thompson

Sometimes a single incident occurs on a rugby field that is so momentous that all other events of the day fade into insignificance. On Sunday, such a momentous event occurred and has inspired your reporter to record the event in poetry,

An Ode to Sushi: “No Bagel for Mike”

Sushi has gone to the Land of the Sock
Leaving lonely Mike to play at lock
Together the midgets had frolicked in tandem
No rugby brain, their play always random
But Sushi had once scored a solitary try
Against an Under 5s team: he’d made them cry
And from New Zealand, Sushi did roar
“Mike, you’ll eat bagel: no way will you score”
But Sunday’s a day to beat them all
When Mike joined up with a rolling maul
He ripped the ball from the grasp of Dai
And flung himself over to score a try
Never before: such a crowd-pleaser
No doughnut for Mike: just one for Freezer!

The Vicar

YCAC 1st
Tries: Graham Creighton (2), Mike Griffin, Sias Potgieter, Willie Lapthorn (2), Steve Gray, Matt Creagh
Cons: Tristan Fahy (5)

On a cold February day the 1sts managed to overcome a feisty opposition and an unhelpful referee to extend their winning streak to seven games.

Build-up was again disrupted with a number of players being involved in the Gents fixture against Koganei but the 1sts started the match well enough, with Graham ‘The Human Pencil’ Creighton scoring an excellent winger’s try in the corner after earlier producing a sledgehammer fend to get rid of his opposite number. The first sign of trouble arose when Steve ‘Cuzzy Bro’ Gray was sin-binned early for failing to get out of the way of an Acorn player who had taken a quick tap. Although the 1sts held Acorn scoreless while Gray was in the bin, the tone of the match had been set and the for the rest of the afternoon the boys in blue found themselves on receiving end while the referee whistled a happy tune.

Despite struggling with the ref’s interpretations, the 1sts managed to keep their discipline (just) and record further tries to Mike ‘Griffo’ Griffin, Sias ‘Lomu’ Potgieter and Willie ‘Coals to Newcastle’ Lapthorn. (It is interesting to note that despite Sias being twice Graham’s weight and Graham being twice Sias’ speed, their tries were almost identical: Receive the ball of the wing around the 22-meter mark, fend off a terrified oppo player, crash over the line.) In addition to the tries, Tristan ‘Own Goal’ Fahy knocked over three out of four conversions to keep the scoreboard ticking over nicely for the 1sts. However, Acorn played like the tenacious little midgets that they are and scored three tries of their own in the first half to keep the match tight.

In the second half the 1sts managed to put the squeeze on Acorn’s set pieces – thanks largely to excellent work in the scrum by Dean ‘Fish’ Stallard and in the line-out by Stephen ‘Hang-Time’ Marcon – and this took the match away from the ‘Oompa Loompas on steriods’ oppo. Steve Gray made up for his earlier misdemeanor with a well-taken push-over try and Matt ‘Matty’ Creagh got just reward for an enterprising match with try for himself. Further scores to Creighton and Man-of-the-Match Lapthorn finished the game off.

‘Slow’ Joe Fisher


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