16 Dec 2007 – YCAC Gents vs Ellis | YCAC 1sts vs Ellis

YCAC Gents 62, Ellis 5, YCAC 1sts 70, Ellis 0
Gents Match Report – Steve Lewis, 1sts Match Report – Joe Fisher
Photographer – Kyoko Obayashi

Tries: Remy Moolman (3), Sandy Rose, Tristan Fahy, Maui Magele, Ken Noguchi, Liaghn Moolman, Fraser Jamieson [maybe], Jim Brooks
Cons: Fraser Jamieson (6)

On occasions, YCAC Rugby mirrors Hollywood movies and Sunday afternoon’s game could easily have been titled “Grumpy Old Men”. Imagine the glee with which 17 year old Remy Moolman ran on to the pitch noting that every single one of the opposition players was old enough to be his grandfather. The Moolman clan made up the entire YCAC back row and had a field day with three tries to Remy and one try to Liaghn. There had been rumours that the Moolmans have Scots’ blood in them and the confirmation was evident for all to see on Sunday. With Remy Moolman sprinting from the half-way line for an inevitable third try, his old man Gavin realised that Remy was too young to buy a “hat-trick jug” and in a desperate attempt to keep his money in his pocket Gavin did a Floyd Merryweather on an oppo forward in the hope of giving away a penalty.

Families were certainly causing concerns at YCAC on Sunday. Fraser had one of his quieter games: no doubt shocked by his five year old daughter’s request to “borrow Y1,000 against the tooth fairy”. She was later seen chomping on toffee sweets in a desperate attempt to extract more teeth which certainly adds a new angle to the expression “Credit Crunch”.

The two midgets in our side almost came to blows when one described the other’s wife as “slightly mad”, but retribution was exacted in the best of ways with tremendous performances on the pitch from Mike “Massivo” King and Caviar Ken who played full games for both the Gents and the Firsts (Ken scoring a total of three tries and Mike supplying a steady stream of line out ball and a try-scoring pass for the Firsts). The only sour note in a super match-winning performance by the All Star unbeaten Gents was when the First Team Captain tried to solicit one of the weary Gents heroes. Joe Fisher – whatever you do in your pig farm in Kiwiland is your own affair, but you don’t go around “pulling off” any of the Gents heroes no matter how well they are playing.

The Vicar

Tries: Sam Heinrich, Maui Magele (4), Tristan Fahy (3), Ben Duncan, Joe Fisher, Ken Noguchi (2)
Cons: Tristan Fahy (5)

In the final match of 2007 the YCAC Firsts ran out easy winners against a weak Ellis 1st XV.

The build-up to the match was a little disrupted with a number of the Firsts starting line-up playing in the Gents match. It also appears clear that ‘Slow’ Joe Fisher’s new approach to warm-ups (actually having one) will take some time to ‘bed in’ – one prominent Firsts player was heard to cry “Rugby is supposed to be fun, Joe!” when seeing an array of cones for warm-up exercises in front of him.

The Firsts established a control over the match from the kick-off that they were not to relinquish until the final whistle 60 minutes later. There were a few disruptions – both Sam ‘Sammy’ Heinrich and Ben ‘Silver Fox’ Duncan were forced off with injuries – but overall the Firsts had the luxury of cruising through this match.

As the score sheet shows, both Tristan ‘Free Trial Offer’ Fahy and Maui ‘Apocalypto’ Magele enjoyed profitable afternoons at Yamate Stadium with 25 and 20 points respectively. (Starting at 13 and ably stepping into 10 when the Silver Fox was wounded, Tristan picked up the award for the Backs Man of the Match.) Given the absence of Aussies Matt ‘Matty’ Creagh and Michael ‘Griffo’ Griffin it appears that the Firsts have a wealth of back-line talent building – the challenge for 2008 is going to be getting them all on the field at the same time!

For the forwards, it was pleasing to see that for a second week in row the pack was able to resist the temptation to get loose and greedy against a weak opposition. Such discipline will hopefully pay dividends in matches against stronger opposition in the New Year. In the pack, a special mention should go to the Forwards Man of the Match, Mike ‘Massivo’ King. A towering force in the middle of the line-out, Massivo was also prominent in securing several kick-offs and showed good hands in setting up a try.

With the 2007 part of the Firsts season now completed (see stats below), thoughts inevitably turn to the challenges ahead in 2008. Top of the list obviously has to be the return fixture against the Crusaders and the annual Interport match against the Kobe Regatta and Athletic Club. However, there are plenty of other matches as well: Chiba Akanehama Fellows, Kurumi, Tokyo Gaijin, All Kanagawa, Acorn, Mitaka All Comers, Quill, the Panty Shield, a tour to Bangkok and the YCAC 7’s. So, it’s all in front of us. Rest up well over Christmas and New Year and come back in January ready for big 2008!

Joe Fisher


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