15 Mar 2008 – YCAC vs KRAC

YCAC 60 KRAC 5 (HT 26-0)
Match Report – Joe Fisher

Tries: Dean Stallard, Dougal Robertson (2), Steve Gray (2), Tony Baildon, Sias Potgieter, Mike Griffin, Eparama Tuibenau

Conversions: Fraser Jamieson (5), Dougal Robertson

Penalty: Fraser Jamieson

“Veni, vidi, vici.” [“I came, I saw, I conquered”]


Message to the Roman senate describing his victory over Pharnaces II in the Battle of Zela

“I am aware that the theme tonight is ‘Viking’. I know my team doesn’t look much like Vikings. However, I would point out that we have come and we have conquered. I would also point out that the boys have told me that tonight they intend to [be sexually active], pillage and plunder.”

JOE FISHER (1980 -)

Victory speech at the Interport dinner describing YCAC’s victory over KRAC in the 2008 Interport


Given the difficulty of getting certain YCAC players out to the familiar location of Yamate in time for a 3:15 pm kick-off each weekend, a 10:20 am meet at Haneda Airport was always going to be a big ask, especially for Australians. As such, it was quite a surprise that the first person to arrive was actually an Ocker – Dean ‘Fish’ Stallard. It was even more of a surprise when another Australian, perennial latecomer Alex ‘Yes Sir’ Curran, turned up at a respectable hour. With Matt ‘mess wit dis and get yo $hit split’ Creagh (self-titled nickname) and Tony ‘Big Daddy’ Baildon also turning up on time it actually seemed for a while that we may have to change our views on Aussies and their timeliness. However, a total no-show from Mike ‘Black Sheep’ Griffin and a revelation that Alex had only arrived on time because Erich ‘The Freezer’ Friess and Gavin ‘Little Sambo’ Moolman picked him up meant that the old stereotype will live to fight another day.


Because the soccer fixtures ran over time (apparently due to Simon ‘Supreme Splinter’ Lister demanding extra drinks breaks in the Over-35’s match), the rugby kicked off about 40 minutes later than scheduled. Although frustrating at the time, in hindsight this delay actually worked in YCAC’s favour because it allowed late arrivals Griffo and Dom ‘Wendy’ Townsend time to warm-up with the team. When the match did eventually kick-off the boys in blue made a strong start. The front row of Dean, Gavin, and Joe ‘Altar Boy’ Fisher set a solid platform at scrum time and line-out jumpers Dom and Tony were able to completely spoil the opposition’s line-out, despite KRAC having a significant height advantage. This meant that there was a huge disparity in the quality of possession each backline was getting with the YCAC backs enjoying good ball and KRAC constantly getting scrappy ball under pressure. The inside pairing of Dougal ‘Elvis’ Robertson and Matt ran the backline well and ensured the quality of possession was not wasted. Dougal was however the recipient of several late hits from KRAC in the opening stages of the match. Given that he has played in five of the last six Interport matches and is always one of the best players on the field it is entirely possible that this was a deliberate tactic from our friends from Kobe. If so, it backfired dramatically – Dougal was uninjured and the foul play only served to fire up YCAC’s two most destructive forwards, Sias ‘Big Sambo’ Potgieter and Steve ‘Big Cuzzy Bro’ Gray. Steve in particular played like a man possessed and was a worthy winner of the Man of the Match award.

As the match wore on and the KRAC side began to tire the YCAC outside backs began to find more and more space. Thanks to some good linking by Alex, who had his normal industrious game, and some good passing by the centers, Maui ‘Apocolypto’ Magele and Griffo, wingers Jason ‘Its’ Dunn and Eparama ‘Little Cuzzy Bro’ Tuibenau both had big second halves. Behind all of this the elder statesman of the team, Fraser ‘Buffalo Butt’ Jamieson, quietly slotted six out of nine kicks for a personal haul of 13 points.

Simon ‘El Presidente’ Ryan made tactical substitutions throughout the second half and ensured that all squad members got on the pitch. It is a credit to the subs that the quality of the YCAC play remained high through to the end of the match.

The Other Stuff

After the Interport dinner the team headed to the ‘Blue Fox’, an Indian-run Irish bar not too far from the KRAC. With live music, Six Nations rugby on TV, and a good crowd of people from Interport it is fair to say that a good time was had by all. Of particular note was that two of the non-playing members of the YCAC squad, El Presidente and Ben ‘Supersize Me’ Patu, were two of the most energetic participants on the dance floor. Whilst Ben’s Samoan roots meant that he could get his groove on to whatever music was playing it was interesting that El Presidente only really came alive when the Spice Girls hit tune ‘Wannabe’ starting blasting out of the sound system! Who would have picked it …

As inevitably happens, the group splintered as the night wore on and some got separated from the pack. One such example was Dean – After trying (and failing) to explain to three taxi drivers in a row where the team hotel was he eventually told the fourth cab man just to take him to McDonalds, where by chance he found Freezer (who knew how to get back to the hotel). Some might consider this lucky, but when you really think about it, where else are two props more likely to meet than under the Golden Arches!

Team: 1. D Stallard; 2. G Moolman; 3. J Fisher (c); 4. S Potgieter; 5. T Baildon; 6. A Curran; 7. D Townsend; 8. S Gray; 9. D Robertson; 10. M Creagh; 11. E Tuibenau; 12. M Magele; 13. M Griffin; 14. J Dunn; 15. F Jamieson; 16. M King ; 17. M Vignaud; 18. S Mishima; 19. M. Nozaki; 20. T Miller

Management: S Ryan (Manager); B Patu (Assistant Manager); S Lister (Technical Advisor); E Friess (Mascot)


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