14 Feb 2010 – YCAC Gents vs Zenkai Beers | YCAC 1sts vs All Kanagawa

1sts match report by Hunter Hemingway
Gents match report by Matt D
Photos by Kyoko Obayashi
Gents photos
1sts photos
YCAC Gents 63 – Zenkai Beers 0
YCAC 1sts 29, All Kanagawa 0 (HT 19-0)

YCAC Gents
Double shut-out at Yamate!

The Gents went out firing on all cylinders after watching a very solid performance from the 1s against All Kanagawa (and were helped by not a few of them).

Gents’ line-outs were fairly dire with time to practice only one option – Aran “Two Inches” Delaney – who lived up to his name by being truly unliftable – he must have had lead milkshakes for breakfast or something as the lifters (Yoshio “Nike” Naiki and Matt “Posh Spice” Dimond) consistently failed to get him clear of the plastic grass – come back Massivo, all is forgiven. However Gents’ scrums were spectacular – and surging runs were made by pretty much everyone. Two Inches made up for things in the lineout by scoring Three Tries. Overall there was great enterprise and interplay in the backs, and strong support work in the forwards. Stalwart defensive all around kept the opposition bagelized even though the Beers had more than their fair share of time in our our 22, particularly in the last quarter as dusk fell and the floodlights illuminated the proceedings.

Working out the score was rather a who-dunnit of Agatha Christie-esque proportions. Our excellent Ref (except at keeping score) was not sure exactly how many points we scored, though he helpfully (but tentatively) suggested 24 in the first half and 39 in the second, a grand total of 63 without reply. That seemed to tally roughly with a list of suspects as follows – Aran “Two Inches” Delaney (hat-trick), Kats “Marathon Man” Matsuo (2), Ben “Mellow Fox” Duncan (1), Bill “Kill” Baker (1) Luke “the Nuke” Raimo (1), Ben “Billy Elliott” Patu (1), Arnaud “Mature Big Daddy” Terrien (1) and Sammy “Joe Naulu’s friend” (1 – a spectacular interception). The kicking points seemed to go to Rich “Fabio” Watkins (2 kicks), Matt “Posh Spice” (1 kick) and Kats “Marathon Man” Matsuo (1 kick), the return on conversions being relatively paltry as the phantom ball inflator of Yamate must have paid a visit to the club the night before since the ball again resembled a rock, inflated to about 500 pounds per square inch. The kickers are applying to JRFU for permission to have special steel plates attached to their toes and insteps.

Being Valentine’s Day, it will be surely no surprise to you all to reveal that, before the matches, the two Captains of Vice had been spotted (and overheard) huddling together in the changing room comparing how many love notes they had received on their phones over the weekend, and seem to be intent on a romantic double date in the evening – due to the fact that the All kanagawa players had disappeared, accordingly the Captains of Vice were not seen in the clubhouse afterwards, having scarpered for their appointment with their lucky selections du jour. So the beer session largely focused (appropriately) on the Zenkai Beers. Zenkai Beers motm #7 Yutaka-san could have been described as a Koizumi-lookalike – a wavy haired charismatic, albeit a youthful muscular version. He made an impressive number of line breaks but was eventually hauled down each time – if not first time. Ollie “Girlfriend in Tow(n)” Tetlow was Gents motm on the blindside and arguably kept the run of beer victories going although the spillage seemed rather excessive.

The day epitomised the depth of the club and the depth in spirit, with players happy to turn out for either or both of the YCAC sides in a range of positions and relishing the opportunity to play some open, creative rugby and to complete a defensive shut-out. This in spite of a whole tranche of club stalwarts sacrificing several Sundays at Yamate in order to keep the YCAC end up in SE Asia, where we understand they are at work broadening the fan club in fertile new markets such as Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bangkok (not unlike Manu and Chelsea who have developed huge fan bases in the region) and giving a whole new generation of hangers-on a taste of what YCAC chaps have to offer, on and off the pitch.

Matt D

YCAC 1st Team
With our Commander and Captain, Joe “Hanging with the old boys” Fisher, off on the over 50’s only rugby tour he left it up to his two Captains of Vice Dean “More injuries than Jonny W” Stallard and Tristan “OMG he dumped me .. ” Fahy to continue the 1st team’s great performance to date.

Groundhog day comes to mind where the YCAC first team players continued to turn up in twos and threes, while the usual Japanese display of warming up 4 hours before kick off and looking the real deal but only delivering an on the pitch display comparable to Ireland ‘s 6 Nations performance the night before. For a representative side they have a bit of work to do but played the game in very good spirit all the same. YCAC set the tone from the start quickly moving into All Kanagawa’s 22 with a number of quick rucks. The movement was finished off nicely with very quick ball and Dean “More injuries than Jonny W” Stallard throwing a cut out pass to Ben “Where is Maui Bro” Patu who quickly passed to Tristan “OMG he dumped me .. ” Fahy who quickly barged over line for the first try. Dean “More injuries than Jonny W” Stallard seemed to feel quite happy about his “lovely” cut out pass but could feel the steely eyes of Ben “Why the F did you cut me out” Duncan staring at him.

The domination continued with Arnaud “Wee Wee” Terrein grabbing a sneaky little intercept and making a dashing run under the posts to suddenly put YCAC 2 tries ahead. It must be noted that the YCAC forwards dominated all the scrums and lineout’s which allowed Stevey “Papa” Grey who was in smashing form, quite literally, to make little work of the All kanagawa back line defense, after picking from the back of the scrum and smashing his way over the line to increase YCAC’s lead.

Just before the 2nd half kick off, Aran “Why do I only have 2 inches” Delaney’s customary comment which we all thought would escape this week, came in exactly on schedule when we needed it most “the top two inches fellas…” which also led to the customary confused faces of the whole team wondering what the hell this actually means! Curiosity killed the cat and I for one wanted to find out exactly what Aran “Why do I only have 2 inches” Delaney meant by his “top two inches” comment. Unfortunately I could find little to explain this philosophical comment, and could only come up with the following descriptions of what Google thought it was:

1. A bloggers site

2. People Power, inspirational training and development website

3. A search engine

4. A direction/ Map website

Not exactly what I would call rugby motivational talk…

Apart from the loss of 1 of 2 captains of Vice, Dean “More injuries than Jonny W” Stallard who was helped off due to a sore lower back, the YCAC troops fought on. There were moments of great play in the 2nd half which looked at YCAC as a team incorporating elements of the “French teams flair”, the “South African teams strength” and the “New Zealand team’s attacking”. In saying this, it was a little less organised then the first half but is to be expected after only the 2nd game of the 2010 season.

Although Joe “Hanging with the old boys” Fisher has highlighted the lack of fitness training the YCAC 1st team has done, the speech he put in with such passion and zest on making the effort for everyone to train in their own time looked liked it had started to pay off ! This was shown through possibly one of the best defensive games the team has performed in the last two seasons with little penalties given away, tempers kept in check and virtually no-one sitting down/flat on their back at half time.

Finally, the game was polished off with a great solo try from Noah “What are those black hairs down there” Pflaum, where clearly his recent generous passing game had caught up with him and wanted to vent some anger! From approximately the half way line, he beat at least 5 players to finish off an outstanding try and top off a well deserved win for YCAC without conceding any points. The tone is set and we are all looking forward to the victories ahead ….


Hunter Hemingway


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