11 Sept 2010 – YCAC vs HKFC Vandals & Tokyo Crusaders

Match report by Hunter Hemingway and photos by Kyoko Obayashi
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YCAC 15, HKFC Vandals 14
Tries: Ben Patu, Eps Tuibenau, Willie Lapthorn

YCAC 7, Tokyo Crusaders 12
Try: Mike Griffin
Conversion: Ben Patu

On a stinking hot summer’s day that will not be remembered for its rugby, YCAC hosted the Hong Kong Vandals and Tokyo Crusaders. With the format of the day being that each team would play half a game against the others, YCAC captain “Slow” Joe Fisher thought he had successfully rigged the draw by ensuring that YCAC played the first two games. How wrong he was. While YCAC started their warm-up with 17 players in the sweltering sun, the opposition for the first game, the Vandals, elected to swim in the pool while nursing their hangovers. The Crusaders on the other hand, were still at home resting watching repeats of the 2007 GM Memorial Cup.

By the time kick-off rolled around, Joe’s pre-game boot camp had reduced YCAC’s ranks to 15 players capable of staying in the sun. Ironically, it was the boys who had grown up on tropical islands who appeared most affected by the heat, while effervescent Englishman Ben “8kgs More Acceleration” Duncan seemed to thrive in the sunshine. Indeed, Ben seemed to be enjoying himself that much on the field that he had no interest in giving YCAC’s most famous referee Steve “the Vigário” Lewis any pieces of advice during the matches.

However, the main victim of the heat was without a doubt Aran “Fraser’s Twin” Delaney who experienced a severe case of delirium at the aftermatch function, exhibiting symptoms which have not been displayed since the earliest trials of LSD. The details of Fraser’s Twin’s behavior will not be repeated in this report, however, perhaps the most surprising part of this ‘show’ was that his wife sat politely through it all with barely a raised eyebrow. When it was pointed out to the spectators that his wife was, in fact, present, more than one was heard to say “why couldn’t my wife be more understanding like that?” Other quotes overheard were “how on earth did he pull her” and “should we put a pencil between his teeth so he won’t swallow his tongue?”

After the rousing aftermatch function where both the Vandals and Hong Kong women’s team provided a great demonstration of the excitement that touring can bring, the roadshow moved onto the train back to Tokyo where the drinking escalated, the singing got louder, and Fraser’s Twin got…..

In other news, YCAC won the first game against the Vandals and lost the second against the Crusaders.

Lastly, this appears to have been the last games that Steve “the Vigário” Lewis will referee at YCAC for some time. As most of you are aware, the Vigário is off to spread his gospel in far-away places and we wish him all the best. He was given a well-deserved presentation after the match which aptly involved his touring diet of a can of Diet Coke and a Mars Bar.
Hunter Hemingway

Team Sheet
1. Joe Fisher
2. Daisuke Okada
3. Yoshio Naiki
4. Sam Stephens
5. Matt Dimond
6. Norifumi Yajima
7. Kenji Yoshioka
8. Tony Baildon
9. Dougal Robertson
10. Ben Patu
11. Arnaud Terrien
12. Ben Duncan
13. Eps Tuibenau
14. Charlie Caskey
15. Willie Lapthorn
16. Morihito Takayanagi
17. Aran Delaney
19. Aminasi Momo
20. Bill Baker
21. Mike Griffin


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