1 Feb – YCAC Gents XV 22, All Kanagawa 49 & YCAC First XV 17, All Kanagawa 15

YCAC Gents approached their toughest game of the season like a multitude of Muslim pilgrims attending The Haj. But it was All Kanagawa that got crushed by the Man Mountain that is Luke Ramo. Don’t be fooled by the two earrings and the bandana : this man is a turbo-charged tornado of testosterone.
The YCAC forwards were magnificent throughout. Morgan Parker was a tower of strength : athletic, skilful and rugged all at once. Scott Sizemore was at his passionate best : reminiscent of a mongrel love-puppy cross-bred between a vicious rottweiler and a yapping French poodle on heat. And if James Bond had ever played rugby, he would have resembled Simon Tross-Youle. The plumby English accent suggests “jolly hockey sticks and fair play” : but the All Kanagawa forwards writhing at the bottom of ruck and maul suggests clinical but stealthy execution. But it was not all brawn. Blake Harrop and Niall Jefferson were rapier-like in the centres. And Lindsey Arrand at fly-half exercised a control and grip rarely seen outside a Roppongi S&M Club.
A magnificent 4-try display by the Gents was deserving of victory. And shortly after half-time the score of 17-21 suggested that this was a possibility. But 7 break-away tries (all converted) by a bunch of teenage greyhounds masquerading as All Kanagawa’s backs viciously distorted the score-line.
Tries : Blake Harrop, Nathan Parris, Luke Ramo (2) Con : Lindsey Arrand

With a few regulars out this week, the boys on the pitch knew they had their work cut out for them against All Kanagawa. In contrast to the oppo thus far in 2004, All Kanagawa started the match with blistering pace. We managed to slow them down and in some cases knock them out, but took a few lumps of our own as Doogs left the game after about 10 mins. All Kanagawa had scouted Doogs and feared that if he didn’t break his dry spell off the off the pitch the performance on the pitch could be catastrophic – Doogs’ build up has resulted in a try scoring frenzy in 2004 (6 in two weeks). Despite leaning on the Kiwi network – Al for drum lessons and Jameo for chat up lines, it looks like Doog’s streak is continuing, lets hope his return to the pitch is quick. In Dougal’s absence, Koji returned to the pitch and played admirably in his second match of the day. Trailing five to nil early in the second half a perfectly executed 5m lineout led to Tiffany tiptoeing around the maul on the openside for a score.
Although All Kanagawa scored two second half tries, the backline defense showed big improvement on the day as Maui Tiki Tiki” Magele sawed down the All Kanagawa attackers. Maui (set up brilliantly by Al “Rust never sleeps” Ferris) scooted 40m to bring the YCAC within 5 points. Several more penetrating backmoves culminated in a 20m scoring run by Prince James. Fraser 0-2 on the afternoon, taunted All Kanagawa as he slotted the winning kick to end the game. Great effort and a never say die up attitude exhibited by everyone. Tries: James Bohan-Pitt, Maui Magele, James Robertson. Con: Fraser Jamieson 1


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